The first method is most simple, not requiring installation of any additional programs. To learn the model of the processor, first on the desktop click on "My computer" or corresponding item in menu "start". Then click the right mouse button and select "Properties".
The appearance of the window depends on the version of the Windows operating system installed on your computer. In any case, in one of the rows you will find information about the model of the processor. Often, however, except the name of the device model, you might want to know its technical characteristics or temperature sensor. For these purposes, you need to install the program, it may or Everest, or SISoftware Sandra. To find the installer any of these utilities, use an Internet search engine.
Consider the search for relevant information using the program Everest. Running it, you will see a window similar to Windows Explorer, the only difference is that instead of icons of the folders specified device. In the left part of the window you will find a list of devices grouped by some characteristic. To start menu, expand "motherboard".
In the opened list, click "CPU". As a result, in the right part of the window you will find not only model the processor, but also technical information.
If you need to check the temperature of your CPU, then open the option "Computer", located on the right panel, then click on the item "Sensor". You will see information about the temperature of the main devices of your computer. Remember that the temperature of CPU in laptop one and a half times higher than the temperature of the processorthat is installed in a stationary computer.