For starters, the receipt enter the date of formation of the payment document. Necessarily specify your surname, name and patronymic. It is desirable to write completely. Don't forget to write your home address and number of the individual account. In the receipt there is a field that indicates the number of registered residents. If in your family someone is temporarily absent or exempt, it is necessary these facts are documented.
If available, enter the amount owed. Fill in the field names of paid services and the payment period. Don't forget to enter the unit of measure of this service, its scope. Then fill in the count rate. For beneficiaries, there are also discounts. Their size must be specified in the appropriate column. If you made the allocations, you can enter information about their amount. You also need to enter the payment amount for the current period.
It remains only to specify the total amount to be paid, which is already taken into account rebates, discounts and debt. Under it write the volume of water consumed. Put your signature.
There are times when people come already filled in a receipt. If the amount in it is incorrect, you should contact the housing and communal service. There you can find out on what basis the amount in the payment document increased or decreased. If your house for some time there was no hot water, it will necessarily require recalculation.
If the meter is installed with several apartments, then you need to add the amount of water that was used by people living in flats without meters. Then this figure is divided by the number of apartments. In the end, all the tenants must pay equal amount of money. After all housing and communal services recommended to put counters in each apartment.