Advice 1: How to remember your Inbox

Not rare are cases when the user forgets the username or password from your mail box. Especially if the mail account the user is not alone, and you have more than one email services. Whether have not used this post, or just created, and record login forgot, but bottom line, get "I don't know" is impossible. And very necessary. What should I do?
How to remember your Inbox
First of all, remember whether you can access any of your recipients for help. Maybe one of your friends received a message from you, and tell you forgotten the address? Or you signed up for any website, putting this address as your username. Opening the page of the website, you can find it.
If this is not possible, run the site where you created your mailbox. Somewhere next to the input fields login and password there is a link or button that says "Forgot?", "To remember the password, you cannot log in to my account." depending on the interface the mail website. Safely click on it.
Page restore access to a mailbox. If you already came with this computer in your Inbox, then in the field "Login" or "username" for many browsers leave the name of the last entered account.
If the hint doesn't work, look carefully at the recovery page access. All the post sites post the link here. Clicking on it, you will be able to learn in detail what the procedure recovery login offers this service. Usually requires knowledge of the alternate mail box and secret word to indicated when creating your account. The user is prompted to choose from several questions the one that was specified during registration and enter the answer. It is recommended to do all steps to recover the login and password from the computer where you usually went to your Inbox.
Useful advice
The situation with login recovery difficult. No postal site does not guarantee the recovery of a forgotten username unlike a forgotten password. Therefore, when you create a mailbox, be sure to record all login details, usernames and passwords, to be able to restore them.

Advice 2: How to know the name of the mailbox

Email gives you the opportunity of unlimited communication, which does not interfere with either the distance or any other obstacles. If you want to know the name of the mail box of a specific person, use the following tips.
How to know the name of the mailbox
You will need
  • - Internet access
If you ask the address of the mail box is inconvenient for any reason (for example, hesitate to know its the girl), locate the reason for the "business" correspondence. Ask the person, e-mail which you need to send to your mailbox some information about exciting for you. After receiving this letter, you will see the sender's address and purpose will be achieved.
Introduce yourself to the person who conducts the poll for any psychological research, and ask respondents to answer some minor questions. At the end of the survey were asked to name the contact information, for example, e-mail. People are much more willing to report the address of the mail boxthan a phone number.
Start searching for specific information in social networks. For example, "In Contact" or in "My world" data can be in the public domain. And, for example, in the project "My Circle" and a similar email address - public option for feedback.
If you know the place of study or work of the person whose email address you're looking for, contact the personnel Department or the Dean's office with a request to give you an e-mail of the employee or student to share important information. If you have friends in common, ask if the address they have.
Look for information about you to the person by typing his name and surname in the search program. If he put on any website in open access you are interested in data, you will find them.
If you are interested in the name of the mail box any official person or organisation, go to a site belonging to a certain object. In the section "Contacts" or "contact us" can be the email address.
Use on-line services, asking for information about a person (for example, Keep in mind that these services are chargeable.
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