Advice 1: How to look at private office

A personal officeservice is found on a variety of sites. Usually it is designed for viewing privacy or control their data. Access to it is limited to prevent unauthorized access.
How to look at private office
You will need
  • Login, password.
Will receive in advance the necessary data for registration. This is required, for example, to access the information in the personal account of a taxpayer on the website of the Federal tax service. To review the amount of debt with the help of the Internet, you must first visit any estate, grab a passport and the certificate on INN assignment and fill in the application form. Specify whether this service is in your area, it is introduced gradually.
Go check on the website where you want to access personal account. Depending on the type of service that provides the resource for this action may require a variety of information. For example, on the website of the mobile operator it will be your cellphone number, on the website of the Bank - contract number or an assigned identifier. On other sites you can choose your username and password.
Check your email after completing the next check. You should find a letter confirming successful procedure and a reminder of username and password. Often in these reports there is a proposal to use the services of a personal account. Or you will be invited to register it additionally. In this case you should click on the sent link.
Enter the address of the desired website at the top of the browser or select it from the drop-down list or bookmarks. Look on the main page a link to your personal account. Click on it and will get on page of authorization. Enter your username and password. If you got the key set of letters from "above", that is, you automatically have shaped the system, replace it with the one created by you. This can usually be done in the settings of the personal account. This will allow you to increase the safety of operations. And remember your own password it is easier.

Advice 2 : How to access my personal account

Personal office – individual virtual space, which is limited from outside interference by password. In the personal Cabinete stored pin and other user data, as well as access to editing. To add new data or change old user first needs to access my personal Cabinet.
How to access my personal account
Log in to the account. At the top of the page shows your name and next to it a number of tabs (depending on the design of the site they may be absent).
Further actions will vary depending on the type of resource. For starters among the tabs next to my name, locate the tab "My office", "Personal Cabinet", "Manage account" or similar. Click on it.
Instead, you may have to click on the name with the left button (you will be automatically redirected to your personal Cabinet) or right. In the second case POPs up a menu with tabs similar to that described in the previous paragraph. Click on one of the tabs.
In some cases a personal account is called account, account, passport or similar term. Search for all possible options.
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