You will need
  • - PC with Windows operating system;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - access your accounts on multi-resources.
Use the contacts list. Probably someone of your friends took your message and will be able to specify forgotten the address. There is another option to recover the lost data. For example, if you passed the registration procedure on any network share, putting a personal mailbox as a login. Go to the website and find out your address e - mail.
Use another method to recover forgotten address. Open an Internet resource, check where you have provided your e-mail. Most web sites provide the possibility of recovery of lost data, personal accounts of its users.
Click on the link "Forgot?" and click "Remember password". Labels and menu items of different resources may vary slightly depending on the characteristics of the interface. But they are all intuitive and have the General thrust.
Click on the recovery email address. If you from your computer visited the portal, use the last entered entry in the line "Login", which saves most web browsers. If these steps do not help, please read the information to restore account access.
Use the "Help" section and read the instructions to reset address. Select from the security questions that you answered during registration. Duplicate answer by typing it into the appropriate field. To remember your e-mail, complete steps for password recovery and login.
Refer to the administration of the site, if neither of these options is not suitable for you. Specify your problem and go through the process of identifying, correctly answering all test questions.