You will need
  • Personal computer, Internet
For example, if you have lost your username by mail on Rambler, then you need to do the following. Contact the users that were copied before. They just survived your last correspondence. There should be headers, and specify your login. So you will be able to quickly recover their data. Such actions can be done in any post, not only on Ramblere. You can view your browser. Many of them keep data such as login and password. In Mozille it can be done fairly quickly. Go to "Tools". There, select "Settings". Go to the option "Protection" and then select "Saved passwords". By default, the browser saves all your passwords and logins. Find the one that you need.
If data was lost from any social network, or some other site, do the following. Please check your email, find the registration email that is usually sent. It will contain your login details to the site. In addition, you can take the help of the administrator. He will always help. Refer to it from the main page. Write a letter asking for recovery of lost data. If you have forgotten your username, try your email address. Sometimes such a move helps. Using e-mail, you will restore your login.
If you have forgotten your login details for the site please use the form for recovery. There is a button "Forgot?". Some sites offer their users. Find the data for communication with the administration. Call and ask for help. You can recover your data. Can also be lost data such as username and password to log into the game. To recover your account, you need to fill in the form. It enter your email address and any other information that you require. You will receive a response, which will be proposed form for recovery. Again, complete and submit all of the requested data. This way you will restore your data and will be able to log into the game.