How to login

A situation in which the user is required to remember your username in Skype, that is the name under which he registered in the program can occur in various circumstances. For example, you may be asked to provide your username in that moment, when you have already run the program, that is included in your account.

Even if at first sight to remember it seems difficult, this problem has a simple solution. So, at the top of the left column of the program window, which opens automatically when it starts, you see your own name. It can see and your sides when you send them messages.

However, you should understand that the name and password used to log on, often differ. To find out your username, you need to left click on his name, resulting in the main program window will appear with all your data that you announced the program. However, under filename you can search for the string "Account", opposite which and spelled your own username.

How to remember login

A somewhat more difficult task of obtaining information about the Skype username will be in case you have not yet logged in to your account. In this case, you can try to use a few basic options. So, if this computer you are already logged in to Skype, please note on the form designed to enter a username and password.

If from this computer to Skype was only you, your username will be displayed in the default form. If entrance to the program was carried out by several users, their usernames will remain in the input line the relevant information. You have to click on the arrow in the right part of the field intended for entering a username. This will cause loss of the list of logins of all users that had logged into Skype from this computer, among which you will surely be able to find your.

You can also use the software features provided by Skype for user data recovery: to do this, click the link "can't access your account?", located under the entry form of login and password, and follow the instructions. However, keep in mind that you can use it only in case, if you remember the email address specified during registration.

And besides, you can just contact one of the people who, as you know is in your contact list in Skype. Anyone can view your profile information and inform you of the login name under which you registered in the program.