You will need
  • Computer, Internet, information about the owner of the account
Let's start with the most simple option. Are you the owner of your accountand you have access to it. In order to see Inbox, you need to login to your account and in your account find information about it. If you had to specify the e-mail, the settings of the account you can always watch. If the account does not belong to you, ask the postal address of its owner. E-mail exists in the first place, for communication. Therefore, if the owner of the account is friendly, he will be pleased to share this information with you.
Some sites allow you to see the mail account in the address bar. So, if you need user data the social network "My world", you just go to his personal page. In the address bar you will see the link. Pay attention to the composition of this reference. The domain name mail address corresponds to the structures: /mail/, /bk/, /inbox/ and /list/. After domain user should login. For example, in the link it says the following: Email this account looks like this:
You can use one of the search engines. First and foremost, pay attention to the information located in social networks and thematic forums. Even the smallest piece of information could lead you to the desired person.
Learn soap accountregistered on you can use the MailAgent program or search according to the users of this website. To do this, go to the search page or select "Add contact". In the questionnaire should indicate the information known to you about the user. If the owner of an account registered on this mail server and check correct data, the search will find his email.
Maybe you know relatives or close friends of the user. In such case, you can view lists of their friends. Same last name, personal photos, and text dialogue will prompt you with the right person.
Very often, users are not confined to one post. If you know the screen name of the person or one of its mail addresses, try to use this data on other mail servers. Often, usernames, accounts of one person are different for a few characters.
If you have a website with your personal account for users, invite the individual to register in it. The site administrator has access to registration data of users.