Spasm of cerebral vessels frequently occurs because of their reduced tonus. Provoking factors is a change in the weather, hypoxia, dehydration, physical and nervous strain or stress and also the use of strong tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate. Accordingly, treatment of begin with a comprehensive restoration of normal functioning of the vascular system. Consider the simultaneous importance of nutrition, regular physical activity, stabilization of the nervous system, regulate the operation of vessels, hardening water, sleep, mode of work and rest.
To preserve the elasticity of blood vessels make up the diet with a predominance of raw food over heat treated. You have to include in daily menu the garlic, onion, greens, legumes, buckwheat and oat cereals, cabbage, carrots, beets, squash, apples, seaweed, fish oil and fish, green tea. Eliminate fatty meats, smoked meats and sausage, animal fats, fatty milk, sour cream, cheese and cottage cheese, cocoa, chocolate, coffee, black tea, mayonnaise, and fried foods. Limit butter, sugar. To prevent hypoxia and dehydration, drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. It is necessary for the normal course of all metabolic processes and maintenance of blood viscosity.
To strengthen the blood vessels tempered with contrasting dousing. The temperature drop trains the cardiovascular system and produces a normal reaction to weather, climate and seasonal changes. In addition, water treatments have a positive effect on the nervous system, the violation of which is one of the reasons for the spasm of brain vessels and headache. Like water action has massage and exercise. They relieve emotional tension, improve blood circulation and maintain the elasticity of blood vessels.
Of traditional medicine strengthening effect has nettles, rose hips, Hypericum, birch, hawthorn. Steep these herbs instead of tea and drink a short two-week courses several times a year to prevent vasospasm.
Be sure to eat honey. Mix 0.5 kg with the juice of 5 lemons and finely grated 5 cloves of garlic. Mix thoroughly and tightly closed, leave for a week. Take daily two tablespoons in a month.
To eliminate spasm of vessels of the head, use the effect of water on the reflex zones. In times of acute headache in a few minutes guide on foot a strong cold jet.