Sometimes the narrowing of cerebral vessels and poor circulation can lead to the formation of atherosclerosis in the cervical segment of the arteries, and degenerative disc disease. Often people suffer from dizziness, have a weakness.
To avoid this condition, you should do special exercises, which aim at the expansion of blood vessels and strengthening them. Significantly increase the pressure of blood in the brain exercises that require head tilts down, such as stand on the shoulder blades, elbows, head, and, on the contrary, raising the legs to a right angle in the supine position. In addition, therapeutic sports complex should include exercises that require sudden changes of head position in space, for example, tilts forward, backwards, sideways, torso twists.
In the narrowing of cerebral vessels is necessary to breathe correctly. Violation of nasal breathing, the presence of diseases of the nasopharynx contribute to the deterioration of oxygen to the brain. Positive effect on vessels of head various gymnastic exercises, such as flips, somersaults. Very useful when narrowing of the blood vessels dance classes, yoga.
In addition, to expand the blood vessels of the head, you must stick to a low calorie diet, limiting the intake of animal fats, alcohol and confectionery. Should reduce the amount of salt in food. To the blood vessels come back to normal, you need to take vitamin complexes, which include ascorbic acid, vitamin B6, PP.
It is useful to spend time in the fresh air, combining a walk with physical exercises. Patients with excessive body mass should be, first and foremost, to normalize weight.