Drink a Cup of green tea. He, unlike black, has a vasoconstrictor effect. But the tea leaf will only fit in the bag is a little worse and there is no need of concentration of substances that lead to vasoconstriction. Tea acts slowly, so you can drink it in unlimited quantities. But be still careful and it is better to visit the doctor.
Take aspirin. If you have soluble, then it will work much faster. After 15 minutes, the blood will become less viscous, vessels narrowed, and his heart rate returns to normal.
Can try to take a cold shower, but not ice cold. Contrast is not suitable, because during changes in temperature the blood vessels alternately constrict and expand. If you have a bad cardiovascular system, better not to tempt fate. A weak heart can not withstand such loads caused by too rapid narrowing of blood vessels.
Drink 50 grams of cognac, as it also has a vasoconstrictor effect. But don't overdo the alcohol too much - it adversely affects health. Even the most noble and expensive cognac can cause harm. In rare cases, to facilitate this method you can use.
If you have previously taken drugs, take advantage of them. And if not - go to the hospital, and there you will get means on the basis of complaints and the General state of your health. Vasoconstriction leads to increased pressure, so taking something for a private purpose is very dangerous.