Vasoconstriction occurs in a single moment, it's quite a long process, growing within a few years. In the first stage of the disease there fatigue and headache, irritability. Reduced working capacity and memory, when the person cannot remember what he had watched on TV. If you begin to notice these signs, contact a medical institution to begin with – to the therapist.
Go through computer or magnetic-resonant tomography, which you'll prescribed by a doctor. At this stage will have identified changes in the brain. It may be small isolated pockets of damage caused by mini-strokes that people didn't even notice. These changes require treatment, which should begin on the first phase of the disease.
Follow instructions of the attending physician, to normalize pressure and treatment of atherosclerosis.
Organize a proper diet, limiting animal fats, refined products, salt. Prefer fish, boiled lean meat, cereals, vegetable oil, atronomy bread. Include in the daily diet of onions and garlic, vegetables, fruits, herbs.
Every day ask your body enough exercise. Whether it be charging at least 40 minutes a day, Hiking at a moderate pace, swimming, skiing, Biking. The more muscle groups will be downloaded, the better for all vessels, including the brain.
Not cancelling the doctor's instructions, use the experience of folk medicine, recipes which have been successfully used for the treatment of hypertension and atherosclerosis. Greatly improve the blood circulation such medicinal plants as the fruits and flowers of hawthorn, St. John's wort, the flowers of red clover flowers and grass, buckwheat, fruit of honeysuckle, thyme, elecampane, bark of mountain ash, rose hips, etc.