At violation of the venous outflow of the brain headaches (which manifests itself after hard work and long stay in a stuffy room), vertigo, instability of sleep. There may also be movement disorders, sensitivity disorders, psychopathological symptoms, changing the functionality of the senses and memory impairment.

The development of the pathological process of the disease can affect the cerebral arteries, veins and lead to diseases such as thrombosis, embolism and narrowing of the lumen of cerebral vessels.

In the period of exacerbation of the disease occurs in conjunction with neurological and inflammatory symptoms: fever, chills, irritability, headache, loss of consciousness and bleeding from the nose.

Diagnosis of the disease

Determine the exact diagnosis on the regular daily magnetic resonance imaging. Special attention is paid to the changes in the fundus. As a result of dysfunction of the oculomotor, abducent and trochlear nerves, the likely paralysis of the muscles of the eye. Also marked pain in the eyeball and impaired sensation of the supraorbital nerve. In this case, obligatorily conducting dopplerographical and reoentsefalografii research.


After diagnosis, the treatment prescribed by the neurologist. At the same time, you can refer to vascular surgeon if there are problems with the veins in the legs and a tendency to thrombophlebitis and thrombosis. The doctor prescribes concurrent medication blood thinners.

A neurologist usually appoints the following medications:
- Tanakan - this medication improves venous blood flow and strengthens the walls of veins, making them more elastic;
- Phlebodia 600" - very effective in patients with encephalopathy, accompanied by cerebral venous disorders. The drug reduces the noise in the head, the frequency and severity of headaches;
- "Detraleks" - medicines that improve blood flow and to improve the performance of spontaneous pulsation of the retinal veins.

Depending on the pathology of the disease, the doctor may prescribe additional medications.

To improve the overall blood flow to the recommended physical exercise: morning gymnastics, swimming and athletics. Therapeutic massage in the neck area, performed by a professional masseur, gives a very good result.

It is necessary to abandon bad habits: alcohol, energy drinks and Smoking. Eat large amounts of fruits, vegetables, greens and completely eliminate fast food. Very useful nettle and grape juices.