You will need
  • - camphor oil:
  • - medical alcohol 70%;
  • - ammonia;
  • - Valerian (root);
  • - hawthorn fruit;
  • - creeping thyme;
  • - motherwort;
  • - mint;
  • the seeds of dill.
To reduce intracranial pressure, do head wraps with the following composition. Take 50 grams of camphor oil and alcohol medical 70%, mixing the components, soak a linen cloth in the prepared composition, and wrapping her head, put cellophane hat (package). Top cover your head with a cotton handkerchief. Follow the procedure on the night for 10 days, in the morning you can wash your hair with shampoo.
Also purchase in a drugstore a vial of camphor oil and ammonia, drain them in a bowl. An increase in intracranial pressure lubricate temples, forehead, behind ears and back of the head with the mixture and breathe in its vapors for 10-15 seconds for hours.
Prepare the herbal collection for internal use. Take in equal amount of chopped Valerian root, motherwort, mint, thyme, hawthorn fruit, mix. 4 tablespoons collection pour into a thermos in the evening, Bay liter of water, leave to infuse. Filtered in the morning, take a glass 3-4 times a day in intervals between meal. The course of treatment is 10-14 days.
Good effect for the treatment of intracranial pressure has an infusion of fennel seeds for cooking that pour powdered fennel seeds with boiling water, insisting in an hour, drink during the day. For one serving take 1 tablespoon of the seeds and 350 ml of boiling water.