The frantic pace of modern life, troubles or family problems lead to nervous tension and the appearance of permanent or recurring headaches. Most people try to take painkillers, to forget for a while about the unpleasant symptom, not realizing that the cause of its appearance can be a very serious problem. According to statistics from the medical services and observations of practitioners, in recent decades the cause of headaches is increasingly becoming a particular type of dystonia of the blood vessels of the brain. This disease can lead to disability of the patient and even death, if it was not timely diagnosed and had not been given proper treatment.

Symptoms of dystonia of cerebral vessels

Symptoms of dystonia vessels of the brain may be not only constant headaches that occur for no apparent reason, but other malfunctions of the body. Most common problems with krovenosnaya of the brain are accompanied by sudden and inexplicable jumps in temperature in the range from 35 to 38, an intermittent malfunction of the heart, it freezes, then speeds up their work. In addition, there is a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, there are problems with the urinary system, sometimes there is a feeling of lack of air, there is often a desire to inhale and exhale the air begin to freeze limb at a sufficiently warm ambient air. And, as a result of the manifestation of such symptoms, reduced quality of life, its performance, comes depression.

What can cause dystonia of cerebral vessels

The cause of the problems with krovosnabzhenie vessels of the brain may be a number of factors. In most cases, the appearance of the disease can be triggered by sick – alcohol, Smoking, an unstable routine, workaholism and constant tension lead to the depletion of the vessels, violation of circulation of blood.

In addition, to this disease lead to some chronic problems with the spine, cardiovascular or respiratory system ported mechanical head injury or emotional trauma, for example, the loss of a loved one. Break of brain vessels and excessive physical activity, hormonal disruptions in the body, infectious disease.

Methods for the treatment of dystonia of cerebral vessels

The treatment of this disease depends on its severity, causes, which were brought to him and the General condition of the patient. To choose methods of treatment and drugs only by a qualified medical professional, not a neighbor or friends with similar symptoms. If the disease was detected in its initial stages, it is possible treatment with medicines of plant origin. In more serious cases assigned to the complex medical treatment, sometimes even with the use of hormonal methods.