Advice 1: How to wash washable

Washable Wallpaper should be washed with great care. One awkward movement - and on the surface may appear wet gap. To without consequences to wash the Wallpaper should be to prepare the correct solution and gently cleaning the surface.
How to wash washable
You will need
  • Wallpaper
  • - soft cloth/sponge
  • - a dry absorbent cloth/sponge
  • - dishwashing detergent or soap flakes
  • - Taz
  • mixer
Type in a basin of warm water. Prepare construction or a regular blender, turn it on and carefully lower into the water. Small doses pour dishwashing detergent. Beat the mixture till the formation of good, dense foam.
If the contamination is not particularly strong, can be used for the preparation of foam a soap solution. To cleanse colored Wallpaper out of dish soap for white whitening. Can also use liquid Laundry detergent.
Take a sponge or a soft cloth (e.g. microfibre). Soak it in water, squeeze well. Scoop out a little foam.
Before you clean the entire surface of the Wallpaper, you should check their "strength". To do this, select a small piece that is not very visible. For example, one of the bottom corners. If you have after repairs are remnants of Wallpaper, check the lather on them.
Apply the prepared foam on the test area. Do not use force! Just gently, motions, blot with a sponge Wallpaper.
With a dry sponge/cloth, remove the remains of foam and droplets. Wait until the test section has dried. Check it for quality safety. If it is not deformed, began to bubble and the paint stayed in place, you can begin the main contaminants.
To clean heavily soiled surface, act as on the test section. Main conditions: do not use force and do not RUB the Wallpaper, otherwise the thin top layer of PVC film break. Just apply and blot stained area. Remove remaining moisture with a dry cloth or sponge.
Let the cleaned spot dry. If the contamination remains, do not proceed immediately to re – wash wall-they should dry out not just on the surface but also inside. Remember that frequent washing of washable Wallpaper leads to their rapid wear.
To prepare the solution do not use washing powders or any other.
Useful advice
Note the legend on the label of wall-paper. Thanks to them you can choose the best wash method that's right for you.

Advice 2 : How to wash vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl Wallpapers are considered to be washable, so it can be handled with water. However, there are several types of Wallpaper and each species in the different degrees of moisture. So before you arm yourself with a sponge, carefully read the label on the package Wallpaper.
How to wash vinyl Wallpaper
You will need
  • soft cloth;
  • - brush with too stiff bristles:
  • - any soap.
There are three icons, which indicate moisture resistance vinyl Wallpaper. Wave in a square means that the Wallpaper poorly water-resistant. Wipe them with a damp cloth. Do not overdo it with water, and cleaning products do not use at all. If the square shows two wave – your roll is you can gently wash with added detergent. Three waves marked the most moisture proof Wallpapers , the so – called supermouse. They can withstand most wet and thoroughly processed. If along with the waves in the square drawn comb, so Wallpaper it is possible to RUB with a brush or use a vacuum cleaner.
Also the ability for moisture resistance depends on the type of vinyl Wallpaper. Considered the most water-resistant this kind of as CD-vinyl. This Wallpaper with a flat surface. They can be cleaned with a wet brush and apply detergent. Just do not use acid, abrasive powders and solutions. To cleanse enough to dissolve in water a small quantity of soap. Foamed vinyl Wallpaper with a distinctive pattern imitating Venetian plaster, the skin of reptiles, or stone, enough cleaning with a damp cloth. Do not RUB too hard to avoid damaging the top layer.
Screenprints Wallpaper – elastic, silk threads and strands of vinyl in the upper layer and the paper-based, and this kind of like a thick vinyl, it is also very resistant to washing by water and abrasion. Therefore, it is possible to handle brush and plenty of soap and water. Typically, these rolls are marked with three waves.
Useful advice
Vinyl Wallpaper with a pronounced texture – foam-vinyl or screen printing - can be cleaned the vacuum cleaner. This will be enough to clean the dust and dirt accumulated in the relief of Wallpapers.
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