Least problems delivering double-layered non-woven Wallpaper – just delete the upper part, leaving only a thin paper base. It is easy to remove, but you can write on the wallse, pasted on top of other Wallpaper.
Much more work has to invest when you remove the paper. Experienced repairmen are advised to first thoroughly wet them with warm water using a cloth, sponge or atomizer (do not forget to disable sockets and switches) and leave alone for 15-20 minutes and then remove. During this time, the paper will swell, the glue will dissolve and the Wallpaper start to peel away from the walls.
In order to facilitate the access of moisture, the surface of Wallpaper can be cut or scratched with a knife, spatula, and use a roller with nails or the Wallpaper tiger. And then their surfaces. By the way, the most effective in this case, tiger Wallpaper, which you can use without a lot of work to scratch any area and do not leave on walle damage. Another way to increase the "availability" of old Wallpaper – steamed them with the iron through a wet cloth.
But for removing too "entrenched" on the wallske Wallpaper (as a rule, they were smeared with white glue or carpenter's glue) you will have to exert maximum effort. Such materials did not take emery paper (clogged almost immediately), or by wetting with water or by steaming (the glue will become stronger). The selection is small, tedious scraping and scouring, remembering a bad word authors last repair. Of course, you can use a drill or grinder with a small nozzle, but then you have wallshave re-primed and putty. But if the Wallpaper is fixed with white glue and even on the drywall, then tear them you'll have with a cardboard.
And in conclusion, on the facts, which should be paid special attention. Removing the old Wallpaper, do not water from a large area, because until you get to the edge, he will have time to dry. And do not overdo it with the amount of water – too much moisture can harm not only the putty or plaster under the Wallpaper (and will be much more), but the downstairs neighbors.