You will need
  • Toys, perseverance, patience
While still in his pack next to his mother and surrounded by their litter-mates, puppies learn to fight for leadership by growling, barking and biting. Getting into your family, the baby perceives all its members as a pack. He needs to figure out their hierarchical place in your "pack", which he does in the game biting you and your family, checking your reaction. While the puppy is still small, it is biting looks like fun. But when he grows up, starts to bite seriously, that it will cease to bring you joy. Therefore, attempts to bite you or someone in your family stop immediately.
отучить собак кусаться
Playing with each other, puppies often cross the border and do not expect the strength of his bite. If a puppy is bitten too hard and hurt, then he abruptly and loudly squealed, depart from the offender and for some time to communicate with him. Do the same when your little York will bite you. Sharply vzvizgnula 15-20 minutes and try to ignore it. The same effect it will produce, if you roll up a newspaper and pop it on the table, wall or floor.
Как отучить кусаться той-терьера
Switch your Yorkshire Terrier on the game. At the time when your puppy tries to bite you, offer him your hand instead of any toy. Make sure that the dog bit it toy.
как отучить собаку покусывать руки
If none of this helps, go to the physical effects on your dog:
- When your puppy bites, clasp his mouth with his hand, lightly squeeze and pull towards the floor.
- Take the puppy to the withers and easily, but sensitive rock him while feeding the team "Fu!" or "No!" in a harsh voice.
оттучитькролика кусаться
If your York is not a puppy.
When the dog tries to bite you, grab her under the chest, turn back, push to the floor and hold for as long as she does not stop resisting. This posture for a dog is a posture of submission. In that moment, when the dog stopped squirming and trying to wriggle or bite you, she recognized the leadership behind you. This exercise should be repeated several times.
как овчарка двухмесячный щинка отучить кусаться
The following method at first glance may seem strange. But believe me, it very effective with a dog of any age.
Learn to growl. It can growl like a dog.
When your York tries to bite, grab him by the shoulder, angrily roar at him and.... In response to his attempts to bite, bite him the tip of the ear or nose, to hurt him. Usually dogs understand that they are doing something wrong with the first or second times such a correction of behavior.