You will need
  • - scraper or a knife;
  • - the water reservoir;
  • - special tool to remove Wallpaper;
  • - warm water;
  • - rags;
  • - a sponge or roller;
  • - cotton fabric;
  • - iron with the steam function or a hand steamer.
Fold up the lower part of old Wallpaper from walls using a knife or scraper, then you need to carefully pull it down. If the paper web does not depart from the surface, then you should not make further, more significant efforts and frustrate them – so you can damage the top layer of plaster.
Prepare and capacious container and fill it with warm water. Using a rag to soak the old paper coating and let her soak up the liquid for 15-20 minutes. After that, the Wallpaper will be gradually otkalyvalis with a scraper or knife. Together with them not to remove and pieces of the wall, tear off the paper in small pieces carefully, not making any sudden movements. Do not overdo it with the wetting of the walls, otherwise it can destroy the top layer plastered surface, making it softer and more fragile.
Atprivate the old Wallpaper off the wall if they were glued strongly binding adhesives, such as "Bustilat" or PVA glue (containing PVA). Exposure to steam will help to cope with a layered paper surface, as the foundations which used a sheet of newspaper. You need to make to Wallpaper cotton fabric (for example, cut into pieces of sheets) and heat it with a hot iron. You can also use a special hand steamer for clothes. When the cloth becomes hot, you need to quickly rip off the Wallpaper from the wall.
Use the special tool for removing Wallpaper, which can be purchased at the shop of finishing materials. Consult your dealer and read carefully the application instructions on the package. Typically, such liquids or gels are applied to the old Wallpaper with a sponge, or a soft cushion, a thick enough layer. After a time (from five minutes to several hours, depending on the effectiveness of the mixture) cleanser penetrates deeply into the structure of paper coatings, and it can be easily removed.