You will need
  • - vinyl Wallpaper for painting;
  • - glue for heavy Wallpaper, which prevents the growth of microbes;
  • - paint;
  • - a roller and a brush for applying paint.
Select Wallpapers. It is best to take vinyl embossed paintable Wallpaper. They usually produce white or pastel colors. It is expected that in the future they will be painted in your chosen shade.
Stick Wallpaper on the wall in accordance with the instructions and let them dry (at least a day). Before painting, degrease the surface of the Wallpaper and dust.
Now decide on the paint. Vinyl Wallpaper is best suited acrylic latex-based. This paint dries quickly - within 5 hours. And his final appearance acquires three days later. There are several options for painting vinyl Wallpaper. The easiest is to paint the Wallpaper on the external side after gluing. Option # 2 is the staining of the Wallpaper on the inner side before gluing. With this method the Wallpaper will be drawing. Wallpaper paste is necessary only to dry.
Apply the paint to the Wallpaper. This should be done with a roller, but if you want to put on the background of any picture, to perform it you need a brush. If the Wallpaper are painting for the first time, it is necessary to paint two coats. Apply first one coat of paint and let it dry one hour. Then you can apply a second coat. Allow paint to dry.