You will need
  • - detergent cleaner;
  • - brush attachment for carpets;
  • water;
  • special carpet shampoo.
Thoroughly clean carpets a normal vacuum cleaner to remove dry dirt and grains of sand that had accumulated on its surface and under the pile. Use the tip-out brush.
Before treating carpet or other soft surface wet vacuum, check the interaction of the pile with special shampoos, or detergents used in wet cleaning. In the process of processing chemicals carpets can lose their original color and Shine. Experts recommend to use detergents, which is no chlorine, since these drugs are considered to be more gentle.
Pour the water into the provided for the design of the vacuum cleaner tank, add a carpet shampoo in the amount indicated on the package.
Pick up nozzle designed for wet processing the carpet. Typically, the main nozzle with the adapter kit supplied with the vacuum cleaner, designed for wet cleaning.
Move the brush vacuum along the pile, first back, then forward. After the first band is processed, proceed to the next section. When cleaning carpets made of natural materials is best to use a nozzle with a long NAP. For carpets and synthetic carpets use a brush with short bristles.
After wet cleaning, dry carpet cleaner.
Some time try not to walk on carpet until it thoroughly dries out. On average, it takes 2-3 hours. The duration depends on the length of the pile, natural humidity and other factors.