You will need
  • Melnikova sponge
  • Tool for cleaning toilets "of Course"
  • A tool for washing plates "Bee"
  • Eraser
  • Rubber sponge
First of all, consider the size and nature of the spots. The least hassle with traces of pencils. They even paper Wallpaper rubbed with an eraser (though sometimes with a picture). Watercolor paint from washable Wallpaper can be washed off simply with water and a soft sponge. Most importantly in this case — not much rubbing, otherwise, you can achieve the opposite effect.
Another thing, if the child prefers a ballpoint pen or wax crayons. From such children's arts is usually very good helps Melnikova sponge. To buy such it is possible in many online shops, they began to appear in the shops of household goods. These sponges are sold in sets of two pieces. In addition to the aforementioned crayons and ballpoint pens, they scour and pastels. Wallpaper off fairly quickly, especially if they are not very grooved.
More effort will be required if your child misunderstood the expression "oil painting". Since it's likely not know what oil paint, you can understand this expression literally and to paint a picture butter or oil. Melnikova sponge in such a situation, it helps to scrub it will be very greasy stains. Can be applied with a soft sponge for washing plates "Bee" and then rinse with water. If it does not help, then try a gel for the toilet of Course". You need to apply it with a brush or rubber sponge, because the foam stick from him. Leave the detergent on the wall for about twenty minutes, and then rinse with water.