You will need
  • soft cloth;
  • - brush with too stiff bristles:
  • - any soap.
There are three icons, which indicate moisture resistance vinyl Wallpaper. Wave in a square means that the Wallpaper poorly water-resistant. Wipe them with a damp cloth. Do not overdo it with water, and cleaning products do not use at all. If the square shows two wave – your roll is you can gently wash with added detergent. Three waves marked the most moisture proof Wallpapers , the so – called supermouse. They can withstand most wet and thoroughly processed. If along with the waves in the square drawn comb, so Wallpaper it is possible to RUB with a brush or use a vacuum cleaner.
Also the ability for moisture resistance depends on the type of vinyl Wallpaper. Considered the most water-resistant this kind of as CD-vinyl. This Wallpaper with a flat surface. They can be cleaned with a wet brush and apply detergent. Just do not use acid, abrasive powders and solutions. To cleanse enough to dissolve in water a small quantity of soap. Foamed vinyl Wallpaper with a distinctive pattern imitating Venetian plaster, the skin of reptiles, or stone, enough cleaning with a damp cloth. Do not RUB too hard to avoid damaging the top layer.
Screenprints Wallpaper – elastic, silk threads and strands of vinyl in the upper layer and the paper-based, and this kind of like a thick vinyl, it is also very resistant to washing by water and abrasion. Therefore, it is possible to handle brush and plenty of soap and water. Typically, these rolls are marked with three waves.