Speakers can play softly in the first place, in order to set the level of the reproduced audio signal. Check on their body regulators that set this parameter. Also, make sure that you have not enabled restrictions sound. Check the volume setting in the player that plays audio and video files on your computer, sometimes the cause might be. Also don't forget to check the signal from the soundcard by clicking on the icon of the sound settings in the notification area on the taskbar of the operating system.Try also to check the wiring of the speakers, make sure that the wire is closely connected with the terminals on the rear panel of the audio device. Make sure that the wires are not damaged, they did not get water and they were not subjected to any other adverse external effects.Check the sound card driver if necessary, reinstall or update it. Also open a special program of driver control and check the settings the sound level. Make sure that the problem lies in the speakers. To do this, connect them with a cable with another device, e.g., portable player or phone. To do this, use cable with jack plug. Check the computer by connecting it to a sound card, speakers or headphones. When the speakers began to play quietly after a certain time and this when you do not make any changes in the organization of their work, rather, it is evidence of their failure. Please contact the special service center for repair of audio equipment, or if you have certain skills, do the repairs yourself.