OS settings

First, after connection of the multi-component acoustic system, you must specify the correct settings in the operating system of your computer. As you know, this speaker system has three output connectors that connect to microphone input, line input and line output system unit. Thus, it is necessary to convert the input slot output signal. Moreover, the changing operation of the connectors is necessary to make so that they gave the correct signal to the speaker system, as in the case of using the system 5.1 General the audio signal is divided into components associated with one or another part of the acoustic system.

Open the control panel of your computer. Go to "Hardware and sound". Next, click on the "Manage audio devices". In the opened window you will see device the computer speakers. Highlight this device and click Configure. Select "5.1 Surround sound". Now the sound signals will be properly distributed between the audio ports.

Software settings

Configure sound settings provided by the software manufacturer, the speaker system includes volume controls each speaker, tone controls, equalizer and surround sound setting. In the program you can also choose the type of speaker system, implying a different number of columns. In this section, select "5.1 surround Sound". In the main window of the program displays the column layout in the area of the sound receiver, i.e. the listener. Each of the columns can be supplied as it is in real life. Clicking on the icon of a particular column, there is a volume control. Thus, it is possible to adjust the overall sound of the system so that the sound seemed evenly distributed in space.

Please note that any particular setting of volume of speaker system you can save. This is useful if you often make a permutation in the room, changing the column order. After adjusting the volume, check the quality of surround sound. For this purpose there is a button, which when pressed rings a standard stereo. Also you can check the proper connection of all speakers in the system common node by double clicking on each of them in the program audio settings. You will hear the sound from the speakers and will be able to verify compliance.