You will need
  • - computer (laptop);
  • - sound speakers;
  • - CD with software for your sound card.
Stage audio speakers where they will be located. Not recommended to put them too close to each other. Connect speakers to the audio input of the computer, and then to the mains. Drivers do not need to put. As soon as you plug speakers into the computer and turn them in the socket, the operating system recognizes them and they will be ready to work.
If you have not installed additional software to the sound card, it is recommended to install it as it can help you significantly extend the capabilities of acoustic systems. If you have an integrated sound card, the software to it comes with drivers. If you bought your sound card separately, with it included should be a software CD.
The procedure for connecting audio speakers to your laptop is a little different from connecting to your home computer. Speaker system laptop need to connect depending on its interface. There is a columnin which the connection interface is the same as in the headphones. In this case, simply slide these speakers into the headphone Jack. Built-in speakers of the laptop will be blocked, and the sound will be transmitted through the connected speaker system.
Also provided for laptop speakers with a USB interface. Before you connect these speakers to your laptop, install the software from the disk that came with them. Now connect the speakers to any USB port, then the previously installed software will automatically adjust their work. Notice "your Device is connected and ready to work" would mean that the process of setting up the equipment was completed. On one of the columns there is a button. Click on this button. Now they are fully prepared to work.