To adjust the bass in the standard Windows Media player, you need to enable SRS WOW. Open the player window, using the shortcut on the taskbar or the start menu - "All programs" - "Windows Media Player".
Switch to the current playlist by clicking on the icon "Switch to now" in the lower right corner of the program.
Right click on the free area around the playback controls. Select menu 'extras' - SRS WOW.
Click on the button "Insert". To improve bass adjust the TruBass slider and select the most optimal option for the sound system.
If you use another player to customize the bass sound enough to handle appropriately the equalizer, which by default is displayed in the main window of any program. Many of today's applications to play music, have built-in add-ins, including those with a focus on bass sound.
For system-wide settings, bass settings you want to change the sound card driver using the provided together with the device utility. If you use the sound adapter of Realtek, you can adjust the settings in the Realtek HD Audio app. For cards SoundMAX installs utility of the same name. For devices from VIA, use the VIA HD Audio Deck. If the computer has a sound card from another manufacturer, setting was made in the same way with setting the EQ settings to a lower frequency in the control panel.