You will need
  • Bandage.
Apply the bandage firmly, so she did not slip and did not get off, but not too crushed, causing a deterioration of blood supply and pain. Part of the body, which bandage must be fully available for sabitovna. The procedure is always performed from left to right. The momentum of the bandage may be spiral in the form of intersection, or eight. Ensure that the person who made the dressing, and was always in the correct static position, does not bend back and kept her shoulder.
When strapping the shoulder face to the patient, in the right hand holding the bandage, and in the left the free end. The tension of the bandage should be uniform across the limb to form the pleats. Each successive turnover of the bandage covers the previous one turnover about half. Don't forget about the sterility of the material, and the diameter of the bandage. Too narrow will increase the time of dressing process, and after the dressings will be painful, cutting into the body.
On the joint of the shoulder bintovuju apply a bandage, resembling a spike. With the upper third of the shoulder joint, start to bandage, holding the top round through it. Then keep a bandage in the axilla opposite of the wound side, then front chest and the shoulder joint, entering the axilla on the affected side, and after the overlap in the shoulder area, put the bandage in the axilla healthy side. Bring the bandage to the upper third of the shoulder and there he was, and secure.
If you need to bandage a forearm, use a spiral or similar type of bandage with a bend. Start with a pair of three circular moves, and then move the bandage a little askance than is necessary for a spiral bandage. Hold the bottom edge of the bandage with the left hand thumb. A little roll the head bandage and loop it to itself so that the bottom edge becomes the top and Vice versa. Twist the bandage is only on one line and on one side. Bandaging the elbow and keep it bent at an angle.