In any case, do not try to put the shoulder into place on their own. Watching movies, some just trying to pull the hand is not going to help. And the effects of such jerking can be very serious. Will break not only the ligaments and tendons, but also blood vessels and nerves.
Secure the joint with a splint or bandage and immediately go to the hospital or the emergency room. A doctor prescribes an x-ray to confirm or deny various bone damage. Under local anesthesia is a gentle reduction of the shoulder joint and the imposition of plaster splints for three weeks. The need for this is obvious - the tearing of the soft tissue needs to heal.
In any case, do not remove the splint independently and ahead of time, even if the pain passed, and begin slowly to develop the joint. Fragile glenoid cavity and ligaments, and under the additional load will not survive and you will get a re - dislocation. The joint can become loose so that the dislocated shoulder to become primary in the usual. Your shoulder will depart at the slightest exertion, even when you're sweet to stretch and roll over in my bed. Treated permanent dislocation only by surgery.
Useful for immobilized joint to do the following isometric exercise. Push the fixing device on a wall or other support. Voltage should last two seconds, gradually increase the time of pressing is 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise about three times a day.
After removing the splints take a course of rehabilitation including massage, physiotherapy, electrical stimulation of the muscles in the affected arm. The purpose of these procedures: restoration of joint mobility and prevent re - dislocation of theov. Treat shoulder dislocation correctly, and you'll become a regular medical clinic.