All fractures are divided into closed and open. The latter are characterized by the fact that are accompanied by tissue damage and skin. So the first thing you must do when you open the fracture to stop the bleeding (if it exists) and to decontaminate the wound, so that it does not got infected. To stop the bleeding, you need tight bandaging of the limb above the injury site to impede withthe flow of blood to the wound. This can be done with the help of the medical harness, and if not at hand, ordinary Trouser belt, or a piece of thick cloth. After the tourniquet to it is necessary when youattach a note to indicate the day, month, year and exact time the tourniquet was applied. It is important to do to ensure that doctors know how long the limb was almost out of blood. A tourniquet cannot be applied for longer than a couple of hours, otherwise the cells in the damaged parts of the body will begin to die.
In addition, fractures can be offset. In any case, do not try to correct the position of displaced bone fragments on your own, or you'll only hurt the victim and when youfix him terrible pain. Your main task is to immobilize the limb by putting the tire and as soon as possible deliver the person injured to the nearest hospital.
So the first thing you need to do before you impose a splint is to calm down, because you can't do sharp movements and to panic. Then consider carefully the injured limb and decide where to apply the splint. You have to immobilize at least two closest to the fracture of the joint, but when injury hip it is necessary to immobilize the entire leg.
Before applying the tire you need to adjust its size to fit the length of the damaged bone. In any case, don't do it on the injured limb – fitting tires need to hold myself. If you do not have a special medical bus, use any thick straight stick or a Board of suitable length.
Fractures of the tibia or forearm of the victim impose a simple straight splint. But if a person has a broken shoulder, it is imperative that the bus ran from the middle of the blade not the injured side on the back, then went around the joint damaged shoulder, passed along the arms to the elbow, and then bent over at right angles. If you are not able to impose upon such fracture of the medical bus, you can just hang bent arm on the scarf.
Then when yougo to the splinting without removing clothes or shoes, not to displace the bones. If necessary belongings of the victim better just to cut it. Do not install the tire on that side, where are the ends of broken bones. In order to prevent the compression of soft tissues and the appearance of bruising on the limb before fixation is applied small pieces of soft tissues (only in areas where the bone protrudes). Now fix the splint with a bandage or if none is at hand, the long straps of fabric and wasted no time bring the victim to the hospital.