You will need
    • — Confectionary baby
    • colored sugar sprinkles
    • various nuts;
    • — special sets of stencils;
    • — a bag of ordinary tracing paper
    • confectionery syringe;
    • — chocolate bar
    • caramel;
    • — cookie cutters.
Use confectionery chips, colored sugar sprinkles, different nuts. For example, sprinkle cake crumbs, and then make a pattern of nuts. Covered with a cream cake you can apply a pattern with a fork. Take a regular plug, then press it into the creamy surface of the finished cake and swipe smooth or wavy line.
Come up with a pattern of cream. Squeeze it from a pastry syringe, using various nozzles. Nozzles come in various shapes, to create jewelry, in the form of flowers, petals, different ruff, stars, balls, beads and inscriptions.
Curly ornaments can be formed using stencils for cakes. The process of creating a pattern is quite simple: take a stencil and a small sieve with fine mesh. Hold the stencil over stocking cake, and screening the powdered sugar or cocoa through a sieve. For these purposes fit grated chocolate or colored sprinkles. For them, take a sieve with a mesh larger.
Apply the pattern with melted chocolate. Melted chocolate put in a pastry syringe and squeeze directly on the surface of the cake, coming up with your ornament.
Prepare a sheet of tracing paper, draw with a pencil the animal, or leaves, or any patterns. Hold the syringe with melted chocolate and squeeze him in the picture. If chocolate is not very much, complete the drawing only the outline. The figure will turn out delicate, lightweight. Use different kinds of chocolate — brown outline, and the figure in complete white.
A sheet of tracing paper with a picture put in a cool place until the chocolate hardens. Then peel off the frozen chocolate pattern on tracing paper and place it on the cake. Use a warm knife — you will not have difficulties with the separation of the chocolate figure. Buy a ready-made chocolate figures in the store. Lay them on the surface of homemade cake.
Decorate the cake in jelly. For its preparation take gelatin and soak it in cold boiled water for two hours. During this time the gelatin will swell. Put the Cup with the gelatin on the fire, bring to a boil stirring constantly, then boil for another five minutes.
Jelly add the sugar and citric acid, or can pour any syrup, strained jam, to add coloring and flavors. Pour the finished product on several saucers, since the thickness of the solidified Jell-o should be small.
Ready jelly cut into pieces with a knife or cut out figures using molds for cookies. Not to Potter with preparation of jelly, can buy in the store ready jelly figures and just put them on the creamy surface of the cake.
Decorate the cake with fruit. For decoration of confectionery can be used as fresh fruit preserves. On top of the pieces of fruit lay ready, the frozen layer of jelly. To do this, boiled gelatine, pour not by cups, but on a sheet of cling film, laid in a baking dish.
Layer jelly layer needs to be thin — 3-5 mm. After hardening of the jelly, the film must carefully lift and with jelly flip on the surface of the cake, the film itself then carefully remove.