Advice 1: How to make a photo on the cake

Bithday cake with edible photo - original, delicious gift. With a photo of your cake will be unique, and the recipient of such a confectionery masterpiece will be thrilled.
How to make a photo on the cake
You will need
    • food printer
    • food coloring
    • food paper
    • glaze
    • flat and soft brush
    • scissors
Select the photo or the picture you want to put on the cake. This can be, for example, a portrait of the birthday boy, family photo, company logo or sports team, a picture with the heroes of children's cartoons and fairy tales, beautiful scenery, a photograph of a celebrity. On the wedding cake, place a photo of the newlyweds. Your chosen image can be edited using photoshop to make it more colorful, more interesting, add funny details. It all depends on your imagination and the theme of the festival, which will be supplied with your photo cake.
Adjust the image size according to the size and shape of the cake.
Send the photo to the food printer, as per his instructions. The image is printed with edible colors on edible paper.
Food paper you can choose for yourself. She is on sugar, rice, waffle or vanilla basis.
Place image on cake. First, trim the edge of the paper along the contour of the printed photo with scissors. Then carefully transfer the baking paper with the picture on the top of the cake.
On top of the photo and apply the frosting to secure and restore a glossy Shine. Below the photo was better you can see, the glaze should be transparent. Preparation of transparent glaze is hot in a way that is thorough mixing or grinding the ingredients provided by your recipe in a bowl placed in a water or steam bath.
Prepared as described above, transparent glaze with a thin layer with a brush on the photo. Let the glaze evenly, apply its quick, short strokes. Immediately, before it dries the first layer of glaze, apply a second.

Exclusive birthday cake with a surprise photo ready.
Apply the glaze with a brush requires experience. Use the floating icing, it is easier to apply.
Useful advice
After drying the frosting decorate the cake with cream, whipped cream or fruit.

Advice 2: As on the cake to make an inscription

Delicious cake you can bake at home. And that he was still beautiful, make on the surface of the confection corresponding to the event of inscription Fudge, cream, chocolate or sprinkles.
As on the cake to make an inscription
You will need
  • For oil cream:
  • - 4 tablespoons of milk;
  • - 4 tablespoons of sugar;
  • - 200 g of butter;
  • - 1 egg;
  • - colors and flavors.
  • For sweet:
  • - 5 tablespoons of milk;
  • - 10 tablespoons of sugar.
  • - chocolate bar;
  • - nuts;
  • - sugar balls;
  • - tracing;
  • paper;
  • - confectionery syringe.
Beautiful calligraphy can be done using butter cream. Mix 4 tbsp milk with the same amount of sugar and, stirring, heat the mixture on a slow fire. When the sugar is completely dissolved, pour the resulting mass of the egg and cool it. Add 200 g chilled butter and whisk the mix by hand or with a mixer. Finished in cream can add a variety of colorants and natural or artificial flavors and flavoring, e.g., vanilla or cocoa.
Very decorate the cake and inscriptions made fondant. Combine milk and sugar in the ratio 1:2 and bring to a boil. The resulting mass simmer until thick. Check the readiness of the mixture by dropping a little on a saucer - a drop properly cooked fondant should not spread and hold shape. Cool the prepared mixture and start painting.
Prepare cake. It can sprinkle with crumbs, cover with layer of cream, icing or sugar paste. Below the inscription turned out neat, write it first with a toothpick.
Put the prepared mass in a pastry syringe. If you don't have one, take parchment paper, roll it in a bag and cut a tip. The narrower the hole, the thinner will be the line. With a syringe or paper kornetika possible to make the different drawings and inscriptions. When you are finished, sharp movement, remove tip of syringe from the surface of the cake in the direction of the inscription, the Tang of the cream settles on top of it and will be invisible.
If you don't want to waste time making fondant or cream, make the inscription of chocolate – dark, white or milky. Melt the tile without additives on a steam bath to avoid burning. Take a plate and cover it with tracing paper. On tracing paper make a pattern of melted chocolate. Wait until it hardens, and carefully remove it from the paper. The resulting inscription put on the cake. This chocolate decor do not have to put on the cream, it can be installed vertically.
Another option for decorating - pictures of the topping. Make a stencil out of paper, cut on it an inscription. Apply the leaf stencil to the surface of the cake and roll it in cocoa, nuts, colored sugar balls or coconut. Carefully remove paper and your cake will remain in the desired inscription.

Advice 3: How to make greeting cards for birthday

It is not easy to choose a gift for man who has everything. Greeting card made with your own hands, will attract the attention of the birthday boy and bring a lot of positive emotions.
How to make greeting cards for birthday
You will need
  • - colored paper of different density
  • - stickers and Stany letters
  • - decorative elements
First you need to choose the format and the idea of future cards. It is worth considering the Hobbies of the birthday boy, his color preferences, it is possible to experiment with the form. The postcard can be traditionally rectangular, and square, round or in the shape of the object. If the birthday boy - man, you can choose the shape of the tie, machine, computer. If the birthday boy or woman card in the shape of a flower, the dresses, the heart will appeal to any lady. For the little ones birthday you can choose a postcard-a cot with applique or a small toy.
Don't be afraid to use unusual decorative items. For creating handmade greeting cards can go to almost any kind of décor, from the velvet paper and stickers to buttons, beads and light toys. For example, from colored paper will make a great birthday cake or fairy tale character, from beads and buttons - flowers, animals or hanging decoration. You can use different types of paper to create origami and three-dimensional applications.
An important element of the postcard can be a photo: a photo of the birthday boy, his friends, memorable events of the previous day of birth, home away from home. The card can be designed as a photo frame or make a collage of persons, objects and decorative elements. Another option for creating original greeting cards with photo services and personalized photo. Graphical editors such services provide ready-made templates for greeting cards, allow you to choose the shape and color of the text, insert photos and drawings.
Envelope - original part for any greeting cards. You can cut it yourself or use a ready-made envelope white: make a drawing on it, attach a bow, a sticker, make a beautiful inscription. The main thing - the desire to surprise the birthday boy!
Ordering photo greeting cards in a special service may take two to three days. Given this feature, it is better to make a card in advance.
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