You will need
    • food printer
    • food coloring
    • food paper
    • glaze
    • flat and soft brush
    • scissors
Select the photo or the picture you want to put on the cake. This can be, for example, a portrait of the birthday boy, family photo, company logo or sports team, a picture with the heroes of children's cartoons and fairy tales, beautiful scenery, a photograph of a celebrity. On the wedding cake, place a photo of the newlyweds. Your chosen image can be edited using photoshop to make it more colorful, more interesting, add funny details. It all depends on your imagination and the theme of the festival, which will be supplied with your photo cake.
Adjust the image size according to the size and shape of the cake.
Send the photo to the food printer, as per his instructions. The image is printed with edible colors on edible paper.
Food paper you can choose for yourself. She is on sugar, rice, waffle or vanilla basis.
Place image on cake. First, trim the edge of the paper along the contour of the printed photo with scissors. Then carefully transfer the baking paper with the picture on the top of the cake.
On top of the photo and apply the frosting to secure and restore a glossy Shine. Below the photo was better you can see, the glaze should be transparent. Preparation of transparent glaze is hot in a way that is thorough mixing or grinding the ingredients provided by your recipe in a bowl placed in a water or steam bath.
Prepared as described above, transparent glaze with a thin layer with a brush on the photo. Let the glaze evenly, apply its quick, short strokes. Immediately, before it dries the first layer of glaze, apply a second.

Exclusive birthday cake with a surprise photo ready.