Some tips on decorating cakes at home

Cake – it's really not easy, but if you are full of enthusiasm and ideas, not only cooking, for example, honey cake, but its decoration would be you. Please be patience to implement all their imagination while decorating with a maximum degree of accuracy.

The main rule when working on the decoration of birthday cakes – keeping it simple! The design should be minimally time-consuming, because moderation, including the use of food colorants – the key to elegance and palatability of any food. In the preparation of homemade cake, especially for the little ones, it is possible to dream of ornaments or pictures using jellies, creams, fruits, nuts (cashew, almond or hazelnut), chocolate, powdered sugar and various sweets. It should look like in one color, gracefully complementing each other.

Remember: if your child turns just one, it is better to use only natural products or those that will not cause the child allergic reactions. In addition, if you decide to decorate, for example, cottage cheese or yoghurt cake with cream, is not to overload it with oil creams and chocolate glaze, in turn, can ruin a cake.

Special fixtures for decorating a birthday cake

Decorating holiday cake with cream, you can use a pastry bag. It will help to make flowers, stars and much more – it all depends on the number of available nozzles. If you do not have a pastry bag, you can use a plastic bag. Importantly, he had no holes. The mistress should just fill it with cream, then carefully cut off the corner and squeeze the cream on the cake or the roses, or stripes.

Using a conventional kitchen knife you can cut any shapes out of fruit. If you use mastic when applying for the necessary drawing knife will be your faithful companion. And, with ordinary toothpicks you can make a beautiful contour drawing. After drawing putty is ready, it is worth it to paint. For this you can use a dye for food and a regular brush to paint. Do not forget about the special candy beads: they can decorate the edges of the cake or draw them a phrase associated with a significant event.