The process of gelation

For the gelation of fruit or berries will need 1 packet of gelatin 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of sugar and 0.5 cups of boiled water. Gelatin to pour the water, wait for the swelling and then put it on a slow fire. Swollen gelatin must be heated with constant stirring until its complete dissolution. Then you add the lemon juice and sugar, and then jelly cool a little, making sure that it is not frozen. Gelatin in any case can not boil, otherwise it will turn into a lumpy sticky mass.

After cooling a jelly should take a brush and gently coat the fruit/berries on the cake from all sides. If desired you can completely Tagliavini the cake surface, watering it straight from the bowls of jelly, especially if fruit-berry component covers the entire surface of the cake. The finished cake is placed in the refrigerator until fully cured jelly. Also, the jelly may be colorless to give it different colors, you can use a special food coloring or colored fruit juice added to the gelatin at the stage of melting.

Secrets of gelation

Before gelation experienced hostess recommend to apply on the surface of the cake or cake a thin layer of bright Apple jam and surround the cake with foil, the edges of which will rise above its edges. Then, slightly not reaching the level of the edges of the foil, the top layer is decorated with a plenty of fruit/berries and freshly made jelly filled to the top. Thus, after curing on the cake will get another fruit generowanie layer, which can be nice to decorate the perimeter of whipped cream. Decorate generowanie fruit cream very carefully as it will slide on the surface of the jelly.

Also when you use foreign dyes need to ensure that the jelly has become too rich color, otherwise, it will be nearly opaque and fruits will not be visible. It is best to give preference to bright and slightly yellow shades jelly. In addition, it should be remembered that freshly brewed concentrated gelatin should not be confused with cold substances, otherwise it will turn into frozen spleeping mass. When you add in the jelly cream or yogurt gradually involve them a small amount to slightly dampened, pressed and mixed with a minimal portion of water, gelatin.