The dough for cake

The cake consists of a base made of dough, cream and mastic. The latter will create a theme. The intricate design of the coat of arms easily done with the help of icing. Prepare the cake in the form of the passport of the biscuit. For it will need:

- 6 eggs;
- 220 g flour;
- 200-250 g of sugar;
- salt on the tip of a knife.

For the cream take:

- 300 g of butter;
- 1 can of condensed milk with sugar;
- 70 g of nuts.

Eggs should be in the fridge to whites well whipped. Take them out. Separate the whites from the yolks. You can use the special device, like a deep spoon with slits at the sides. Beat the egg, the protein will flow through the holes. Place the yolk into another container.

When all the eggs thus treated, the squirrels put in a cold place, and yolks, whisk with sugar. As the cake is sweet fondant, sugar can be put not 250, and 200 g.

Add the flour into the yolks. Mix. Turn on the oven, and in the meantime, whip the whites, vsypav a little salt. Put first a small portion of the dough, mix. Then place the remaining cloud of protein mass and mix gently.

How to properly bake and prepare cakes

For turning the dough into the cake in the form of a passport, you will need a deep baking pan. Lubricate it with a piece of margarine or butter, pour the dough. Bake at 180 ° C for 40-45 minutes. When the match protonova the center of the cake will remain dry, and the top of the dough is browned, take out pastries.

Cut it, without delay. With a sharp knife, divide in half, making 2 rectangle the same shape. Everyone will be split into 2 parts horizontally, then sandwich them with cream.

Wait until cake has cooled. Invert the cakes so that the bottom is facing up. Put on the whole stack a rectangle the same size as the cakes. This can be a large wooden Board or tray. On top put a weight of 500-700 g. Leave the design like this for 40 minutes. This will help the cake made in the form of a passport, to be smooth. It easier to cover with fondant.

At this time, prepare cream. Add in condensed milk, softened butter, whisk, stir in the nuts, mix well. Collect the product. 4 sandwich the cake with cream, put one on the other.

Mastic will turn the cake into a document

Make a paste. For her take:

- 200 g of chewing marshmallow candy white color;
- 300 g icing sugar;
- 100 g of butter;
- food coloring.

Melt candy and butter in the microwave for 4-5 minutes. Get in the hot mass add sieved powder. You replace the sweet dough. Take 2/3 parts. Remove the rest in the package and tightly close it. Dip the toothpick into the dye scarlet color, make 6-8 punctures in the selected piece of mastic. Stir it, flatten with a rolling pin into a thin rectangle. Put on cake, fit an top and left edge of sweet document. The excess trim.

Take a third of the remaining mastic. Roll it in the form of strips, fit an it 3 sides of the cake. This page.

To create emblem and letters will need a printer. Print it enlarged copy of the cover of this passport, put it in a file. The design of the emblem and letters print separately. Lubricate the top of the file very small amount of vegetable oil without smell. Add the remaining paste Golden dye. If it is thick, pour a few drops of water, stir. Place in a pastry syringe. Squeeze out from it a lot of fine spray and cover all the contours of the emblem, then letters. Leave on a flat surface to dry creations 3 hours. After that, carefully pry off with a spatula, transfer the cake. Attach with water, lightly dabbing it of the cover of the passport, where they will recline emblem and letters.