Advice 1: How to wean a cat to meow

Cats give voice not just so, the reasons for meowing a lot. If not to take into account painful conditions and requirements of food at the feeding hours, the screaming cat can be an attempt to manipulate the host. They try to give you instructions on how and what to do to them, cats have lived well.
How to wean a cat to meow
You will need
  • - water gun;
  • sneaker;
  • toys.
Watch a cat when it meows insistently. If pet health is all right, so he's shouting something from you requires. And you trainable? After listening to a few minutes of caterwauling, you rush to the fridge and give the sausage to the starving beast? Obediently get out of a warm bed and fuzzy open the door? Take the animal on his hands and scratching his belly? In such cases, the cat knows that it will achieve the desired, if a little pamarket.
Do not give in to the dictator. Do not react to the meow as the cat wants. Behave as if nothing had happened. Turn the music up in the headphones and ignore the cries of the cat. If you give in after 10-15 minutes, it will only get worse, the pet will meow a lot longer. Once deciding not to give in, not throw his words are not wind.
Distract the cat from the barren vocal lessons. We need to knock her off her thoughts in an unexpected noise or flight sneaker. Don't try to get into the beast – meow is not a terrible crime, though sometimes punishing a sneaker operates effectively.
If the cat is a long silence after the diversion, call her to him and praise. You need to reassure the animal that everything is in order. Pay attention to your pet when he is quiet, give a treat, chat with him and Pat. The cat needs to learn that quiet behavior is much better loud.
You will not achieve much, if you stop to notice your pet silent. In the end, he again began to shout to attract your attention.
Play with your cat every day, so she threw her energy and sufficiently communicated with you. Get a few favorite toys that will get only when you have the time to play.
Usually cats don't like to be wet, so the stream from the water gun quickly and will stop the attempts of the pet to yell to his heart's content. Do not assume that your pet is quickly Unlearning meow. Be careful not to miss the moment the return of training. If you notice the sly cat's face peeking out from the chair, and then I heard meowing, think, I do not turn your education into a game for the beast, which he enjoys?

Advice 2: How to wean an adult cat to mark

Nature has created predators, conquerors. And even a pet has nothing to do with instincts. In turn, the owners of this peculiarity of cat behavior cause a lot of trouble and may even result in parting with a beloved animal. To avoid this, you have to outwit the animal instinct of a cat.
How to wean an adult cat to mark


Why cats mark territory?

In cats acutely developed natural leadership instinct. Primarily, this is reflected in the fact that the eldest and most important individual observes the area with his scent. Before it, other cats will know about the local "Marquis of Carabas".

Being in the apartment surrounded by universal affection, and helpfulness of the owners, the cat is definitely starting to feel the leader of the territory. The apartment he perceives their possessions, and themselves as absolute authority.

Often, this leads to the appearance of the labels. And, if kittens, this problem can be quickly eliminated with castration, for adults this option is not working.

Also include repair, remodeling, and any other radical change in the surrounding space. Often abrupt appearance of labels associated with the health problems of the pet, that is why it is better to consult the vet.

Struggle for leadership – what not to do

In that case, if health problems have a pet no, should join in the fight for the lead. Finding the home label, you should not poke the cat's nose and even more so to beat. Creek and even the slightest physical impact pet will perceive aggressively. According to the rules of nature animals are not punished for the label, so the cat doesn't understand human emotions. Then you need to act on animal regulations.

The alpha male of the house

It is necessary to demonstrate to the cat that he is not the alpha male of the territory. This cat needs to take by the scruff, higher raise and some times a little wave in his direction with a hand, mimicking feline movements. It is important not hard to beat a cat, but a movement to show that he as a kitten gets from "mom" slap in the face for a misdemeanor.

A signal that the cat took the impact, is his posture. Ashamed and scared cat on weight bends the back, squints his eyes and tucks tail to the stomach. At this point, it can meow and it is important that he not indignantly yelled at the owner – in this case it is the actions of the person perceives the aggressive, and poor little meow.

Next, the owner should hiss. It is important to simulate the aggressive cry of the cats and look straight into the eyes of the animal. It should sizzle loudly and repeatedly.

To remove a tag you need using cleaning agents, even for the cat's smell in this place left animal secret. Better to do it a few times with large amounts of water. And then, you need to take some its a used thing then it will be not a pity to throw away – home t-shirt, socks, tights or underwear. This thing should be carefully rubbed dry with a place markers and may leave for a while there. So in the place of fixed human odor.

The educational process

Cats feel false, so if the animal does not believe in the seriousness of the leadership intentions of the person, then the efforts turn to ashes. The position of leader should be supported. Should be asked home always as gentle as possible to treat the main alpha male in the house, not to shout and not to swear in his presence. This home play, repeated from time to time, give the cat to understand that this tribe already has an owner.

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