Advice 1: How to wean a cat to meow

Cats give voice not just so, the reasons for meowing a lot. If not to take into account painful conditions and requirements of food at the feeding hours, the screaming cat can be an attempt to manipulate the host. They try to give you instructions on how and what to do to them, cats have lived well.
How to wean a cat to meow
You will need
  • - water gun;
  • sneaker;
  • toys.
Watch a cat when it meows insistently. If pet health is all right, so he's shouting something from you requires. And you trainable? After listening to a few minutes of caterwauling, you rush to the fridge and give the sausage to the starving beast? Obediently get out of a warm bed and fuzzy open the door? Take the animal on his hands and scratching his belly? In such cases, the cat knows that it will achieve the desired, if a little pamarket.
Do not give in to the dictator. Do not react to the meow as the cat wants. Behave as if nothing had happened. Turn the music up in the headphones and ignore the cries of the cat. If you give in after 10-15 minutes, it will only get worse, the pet will meow a lot longer. Once deciding not to give in, not throw his words are not wind.
Distract the cat from the barren vocal lessons. We need to knock her off her thoughts in an unexpected noise or flight sneaker. Don't try to get into the beast – meow is not a terrible crime, though sometimes punishing a sneaker operates effectively.
If the cat is a long silence after the diversion, call her to him and praise. You need to reassure the animal that everything is in order. Pay attention to your pet when he is quiet, give a treat, chat with him and Pat. The cat needs to learn that quiet behavior is much better loud.
You will not achieve much, if you stop to notice your pet silent. In the end, he again began to shout to attract your attention.
Play with your cat every day, so she threw her energy and sufficiently communicated with you. Get a few favorite toys that will get only when you have the time to play.
Usually cats don't like to be wet, so the stream from the water gun quickly and will stop the attempts of the pet to yell to his heart's content. Do not assume that your pet is quickly Unlearning meow. Be careful not to miss the moment the return of training. If you notice the sly cat's face peeking out from the chair, and then I heard meowing, think, I do not turn your education into a game for the beast, which he enjoys?

Advice 2 : How to disaccustom a cat to mark on the door

The cat marks the door , not for bullying and not to bring you out of yourself. Instinct causes the animal to fight for a place under the sun among their own kind. He has special glands that produce a specific secret. If you mix this secret with urine creates a sharp-smelling substance, which the cat marks the boundaries of its territory. Each label is a sign of the owner, the main cat in this place. Therefore, to deal with labels, berating and punishing the cat, useless. Nature will take its course.
How to disaccustom a cat to mark on the door
If the whiskers need you as a kind and affectionate pet, and not as a producer of pedigreed cats, then the first and most effective way to get rid of marks – castration of the animal. This simple surgery is performed in any veterinary clinic in five minutes. Incision in two places, scrotum, seminal bind the cords and removed the testicles. Neutered cat needs the age of 7-8 months and older, but definitely before the first mating. Then the issue with labels is just not there.
If the animal has already managed to try the "cat love", even after neutering, some cats wish persists. This is because for the production of sex hormones in this case are responsible not only testes (testicles), but the part of the brain – the pituitary gland, which operation, of course, is not removed.
If you are against intervention in the physiology of the animal, then use psychology. And try to touch the cat "cat means," namely, become for him "the main cat" in your apartment. Male, located on the top of the hierarchy is large, physically and mentally the strongest cat in the pack. He will not allow the rest of the cats to mark their territory.
For this, catching the animal at the scene, raise his arm by the scruff (if cat is large, second hand, hold it at the bottom). So Mama cats carry their kittens. To raise so an adult cat can only be a very strong individual who understands that even the snow leopard.
Naturally, the cat will escape. Hold him tight. It does not matter if someone will help to hold it. After some time the animal will calm down, some will flounder, just shrivel up.
Now staring him in the eye, start to hiss and spit. Yes. So cats intimidate the enemy. Don't forget that in this case, you – the "main cat" and the cat is your enemy. And exactly find out the relationship self-respecting cats.
Remember, as cats strike each other blows with their paws. Similarly, the index finger of hit right and left on the face of your pet. Beat – this is said very tentatively. You though the "main cat" in the apartment, but still not a beast. Therefore, the strength to compare. The shock must be palpable, but not painful for the animal.
All of this continue to do as long as your pet is not his voice. As soon as he squeaked – all, you won the first round.
Secure your success. To do this, the winner himself for his own disputed territory. Ie you are in the presence of a cat washed its label and put their. For example, wipe disputed its used thing (shirts, socks) or just spray your perfume.
It should be noted, at one time it will not be. To prove his title of "chief cat" of the house you will have multiple times. But in the end you'll probably be fine.
It happens that your door is aiming a strange cat. Then he, too, can show who's in charge here, as described above. If you catch him is not possible, apply a chemical attack. In pet stores sell special tools to destroy the smell of urine and labels. Of the home remedies recommended to wash off the mark with a solution of potassium permanganate, iodine, vinegar, lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide. Or brush the door with oils of rosemary, lavender, mint.
If the cat is urinating in shoes, on clothing or furniture, it is not the label and not the sexual instinct, and bad education. But that's a topic for another article.
Useful advice
In pet stores sell special tools to destroy the smell of urine and labels. They are specially designed for cats and will not bring any harm to the animal, only deter it.

Advice 3 : How to wean neighbors loud music

They say that neighbors, as parents, do not choose. Fair point: after all, sometimes they can poison your existence like no other. For example, when you listen to loud music and disturb your rest and sleep.
How to wean neighbors loud music
The neighbors are constantly listening to loud music? Undoubtedly, it's annoying and hinders them from concentrating in the daytime, and at night – deprived of sleep and proper rest. The presence of those beyond the wall – a handful, for the working person that night required the silence of that mother whose child regularly not getting enough sleep, and she suffers from insomnia.
First try to solve the problem peacefully. Talk to the neighbors to heart. Fans usually listen to music at maximum volume are students or young people who constantly arranges house parties and gatherings. They can very lightly to the fact that cause inconvenience not only to you but to the whole house, the main thing for them is fun. Agree with them will be easy, the main thing – calmly and in detail to explain the essence of your claims. Do not start a conversation with insults or accusations do not attribute them to drug addiction, debauchery and other sins, justification, and control your emotions and don't let the negativity overwhelm you. Tell us about a disabled mother who can't sleep to the sounds of dubstep music, or about her husband, who is not getting enough sleep after night shifts. Most likely, the neighbors to apologize and realize his guilt.
However, if the answer is showered with insults and in front of your nose slammed the door, it is necessary to act more stringent methods. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the neighbors must be quiet. Let the lovers of night parties and threaten to take more serious action. If your demands continue to be ignored, complain to the district. He is obliged to carry out an educational conversation with the offenders. In case of repetition of such situation, he has the right to charge them an administrative fine.
The CPS sets forth the legally allowable level of noise at different times of the day. You can call the members of the organization to carry out the relevant measurements in your apartment. If you will documents about exceeding the possible limit of the noise your neighbors, you will be able to apply for compensation of moral harm in administrative or judicial procedure.

Advice 4 : Cat food: is it true that it is harmful to the health of a cat

Cat food is one of the most common, publicized, and cheap cat food. Despite its popularity, this is not the best food for your pet – it does not contain all the necessary animal elements, it is made from production waste or stale meat, it can cause kidney stones and other illnesses.
Cat food: is it true that it is harmful to the health of a cat

The "Whiskas"

Cats need large amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates should also be present in their diet, but much less. For them no less than for a person certain important minerals and vitamins. To mimic the wild diet of these animals, which gives them everything they need, you need to give them raw frozen beef meat, boiled lean chicken, green vegetables, dairy products. But not all cat owners are willing to follow the strict rules of natural eating, so they prefer to buy food. The better the feed, the better and more natural ingredients it includes, the more expensive but higher quality product.

On the packaging of food "Whiskas", given the composition, which results in a good veterinary doctors in horror. First, the "by-products of animal origin," it's not meat: fat, bones, joints, heads, beaks and much more, spiced with flavors that cats love this food. As a result, in the "Whiskas" a large amount of fat, but little protein. And the animals are often replaced by vegetable proteins: structure, you can find soy, corn cobs, peanut shells. Secondly, it contains corn gluten, which is harmful to the digestion of animals and causes problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Thirdly, in the "Whiskas" includes preservatives and flavors that long-term use is toxic.

But it is necessary to give food manufacturers credit, they have included some vitamins and is important for cats with taurine, although it is cheap ingredients.

Harm "Whiskas"

Perhaps, "nature" has a right to exist, if its production is carefully monitored. But it is important to understand that among many other foods is one of the most unwholesome, unbalanced and cheap. In such cases, the low price speaks volumes about the quality, as good fresh meat is expensive.

Cats are different: some have a digestive system copes with low-quality forages and improper natural diet, others need to be fed strictly by the rules and carefully monitor their diet. This explains the many cases where pet owners feed their "Whiskas" throughout life, and cats live long, not suffer and feel fine. Cat food not poison, some Pets are really handling it well and getting even feeding from the table or independently producing their own food, they make up for the lack of certain substances. But this food is for animals with delicate digestive system it can become dangerous.

Compounding the situation is that cats quickly become accustomed to the rich flavors of "Whiskas" and only require it. To rid a pet of this habit difficult.

Advice 5 : Is it true that the tri-color are cats only

Cats – animals that have both a dignity, grace and beauty. Tortoiseshell cat among them kept apart. A similar color is found not so often, in addition, it is shrouded in an aura of mystery.
Is it true that the tri-color are cats only
Tricolor cats are usually spotted or partial color. As a rule, their skins white colour with orange or black spots. Tortoiseshell is considered to be almost the same, but it is not so: the "turtle fur" black and orange with white spots or without them, and tri-colored cats basic color white. In the understanding of a layman turtle, a cat, three-color or trehlistnaya – one and the same. It should be noted that the tri-color and tortoiseshell is irrelevant to the breeds of cats – it's only a coat color, not more.

There are tri-colored cats?

Tri-colored males, though very rarely, but still appear on the light. For this reason the research was conducted, according to which three thousand cats with this coloration has only one cat.

It's all about the chromosomes, which have female and male individuals is different. According to the genetic rules for male the chances of getting a coloring with three colors is negligible. And those rare occasions when it happens, can be regarded as miracles of nature.

As a result of the anomaly, which is related to the presence in the genetic set of an extra chromosome, these cats are sterile. This means that tricolor cats are not able to procreate and pass on to posterity treasurechest. A rare color can be transmitted only through the female line.

The cat has two X chromosomes XX and males have one X and one Y. the X chromosome responsible for the appearance of red and black color and available in color white "blame" the other chromosome. The cat due to the presence of XX chromosomes, the possible simultaneous occurrence of red and black color along with white. In the case of males, have one X chromosome gives or red color, or black. This feature leads to the fact that tri-color color is mainly found in cats and in cats. The acquisition of tri-color cats in the world is considered a rare success.

Breed trehlistnyj cats

Tri-color cats color may have different. However, they are mainly divided into two types. First – the color is called calico, in which the dominant colours are black and red. Also in coloration there are fuzzy white spots and silvery, smoky shades available. The second is the color harlequin. Such animals are almost completely white, only a small part of the fur is painted in a different color – usually spots on tail, back or the face.

Not all cat breeds can have among their representatives Transarctic. Mostly this phenomenon occurs in purebred and short-haired animals. Breed by breeding it trehlistnyj cats, and especially cats, almost impossible. Even among the offspring of domestic cats trehlistnyj it is difficult to predict the appearance of tri-colored kittens. Breeders can only increase the chances of having such individuals, but the result will depend more on luck.

Advice 6 : How to wean an adult cat to mark

Nature has created predators, conquerors. And even a pet has nothing to do with instincts. In turn, the owners of this peculiarity of cat behavior cause a lot of trouble and may even result in parting with a beloved animal. To avoid this, you have to outwit the animal instinct of a cat.
How to wean an adult cat to mark


Why cats mark territory?

In cats acutely developed natural leadership instinct. Primarily, this is reflected in the fact that the eldest and most important individual observes the area with his scent. Before it, other cats will know about the local "Marquis of Carabas".

Being in the apartment surrounded by universal affection, and helpfulness of the owners, the cat is definitely starting to feel the leader of the territory. The apartment he perceives their possessions, and themselves as absolute authority.

Often, this leads to the appearance of the labels. And, if kittens, this problem can be quickly eliminated with castration, for adults this option is not working.

Also include repair, remodeling, and any other radical change in the surrounding space. Often abrupt appearance of labels associated with the health problems of the pet, that is why it is better to consult the vet.

Struggle for leadership – what not to do

In that case, if health problems have a pet no, should join in the fight for the lead. Finding the home label, you should not poke the cat's nose and even more so to beat. Creek and even the slightest physical impact pet will perceive aggressively. According to the rules of nature animals are not punished for the label, so the cat doesn't understand human emotions. Then you need to act on animal regulations.

The alpha male of the house

It is necessary to demonstrate to the cat that he is not the alpha male of the territory. This cat needs to take by the scruff, higher raise and some times a little wave in his direction with a hand, mimicking feline movements. It is important not hard to beat a cat, but a movement to show that he as a kitten gets from "mom" slap in the face for a misdemeanor.

A signal that the cat took the impact, is his posture. Ashamed and scared cat on weight bends the back, squints his eyes and tucks tail to the stomach. At this point, it can meow and it is important that he not indignantly yelled at the owner – in this case it is the actions of the person perceives the aggressive, and poor little meow.

Next, the owner should hiss. It is important to simulate the aggressive cry of the cats and look straight into the eyes of the animal. It should sizzle loudly and repeatedly.

To remove a tag you need using cleaning agents, even for the cat's smell in this place left animal secret. Better to do it a few times with large amounts of water. And then, you need to take some its a used thing then it will be not a pity to throw away – home t-shirt, socks, tights or underwear. This thing should be carefully rubbed dry with a place markers and may leave for a while there. So in the place of fixed human odor.

The educational process

Cats feel false, so if the animal does not believe in the seriousness of the leadership intentions of the person, then the efforts turn to ashes. The position of leader should be supported. Should be asked home always as gentle as possible to treat the main alpha male in the house, not to shout and not to swear in his presence. This home play, repeated from time to time, give the cat to understand that this tribe already has an owner.

Advice 7 : How to wean a cat to scratch furniture

Some cat owners believe that the most effective way to wean your pet scratching the furniture is just to trim its nails. It's not quite right, because the procedure of cutting the claws of a rather unpleasant and even painful for the animals. To wean a cat scratching furniture may be other, more humane ways.
How to wean a cat to scratch furniture
You will need
  • - scratching post;
  • - Catnip;
  • - spray with a citrus odor;
  • - small bag with spices;
  • - tin or glass jar;
  • - a few coins;
To wean a cat scratching the furniture, provide her a comfortable place to point of claws, for example, purchase the shop is a special column designed for this purpose. Before doing so, watch what surfaces like scratching your favorite most: hard, soft, with corners, or without them. Such observations will help you to choose the most attractive for your pet a scratching post.
Install a scratching post away from the furniture to the cat, fascinated by her scratching and accidentally switched to the more familiar and favorite chair or sofa.
The following your task is any way to attract the cat to the scratching post. Try to show your pet why we need a new unfamiliar object, namely pretend that they themselves sharpen claws on the post. Can spray the scratching post Catnip, the smell of which will not leave indifferent any cat. In any case, do not force your pet to scratch on unfamiliar to her item by force. The animal may be frightened and not to approach the scratching posts at all.
Be sure to encourage the correct behavior of the cat. Praise, Pat and treat favorite treat each time she enjoys the kittens. Thus, the pet will soon notice the relationship between the affection of the owner, a delicious treat and its good behavior.
To wean a cat scratching the furniture, treat the space around her favorite sofas, armchairs and chairs spray citrus or hang it next to furniture, the bag filled with strong-smelling spices. Get ready because the smell in the room will be not very pleasant, but cat furniture it will scare for a long time.
To wean a cat to scratch furniture, you can use another interesting and effective method. Take a tin or glass jar small size. Throw in a few coins and close the lid. Every time you will see that your favorite scratching furniture, with the power shake a jar of coins. Cats hate loud noises, so I immediately run out of the room in which they are distributed.
Remember that to make the cat not to sharpen its claws at all, just impossible. They do it not because of the harm or insults to you, and because of its natural needs.
Is the advice useful?