You will need
  • - water gun;
  • sneaker;
  • toys.
Watch a cat when it meows insistently. If pet health is all right, so he's shouting something from you requires. And you trainable? After listening to a few minutes of caterwauling, you rush to the fridge and give the sausage to the starving beast? Obediently get out of a warm bed and fuzzy open the door? Take the animal on his hands and scratching his belly? In such cases, the cat knows that it will achieve the desired, if a little pamarket.
кошка царапается
Do not give in to the dictator. Do not react to the meow as the cat wants. Behave as if nothing had happened. Turn the music up in the headphones and ignore the cries of the cat. If you give in after 10-15 minutes, it will only get worse, the pet will meow a lot longer. Once deciding not to give in, not throw his words are not wind.
как отучить кошек драть обои
Distract the cat from the barren vocal lessons. We need to knock her off her thoughts in an unexpected noise or flight sneaker. Don't try to get into the beast – meow is not a terrible crime, though sometimes punishing a sneaker operates effectively.
дерет тюль что делать
If the cat is a long silence after the diversion, call her to him and praise. You need to reassure the animal that everything is in order. Pay attention to your pet when he is quiet, give a treat, chat with him and Pat. The cat needs to learn that quiet behavior is much better loud.
Как отучить кота метить территорию
You will not achieve much, if you stop to notice your pet silent. In the end, he again began to shout to attract your attention.
что делать чтобы кошка не грызла провода
Play with your cat every day, so she threw her energy and sufficiently communicated with you. Get a few favorite toys that will get only when you have the time to play.
Usually cats don't like to be wet, so the stream from the water gun quickly and will stop the attempts of the pet to yell to his heart's content. Do not assume that your pet is quickly Unlearning meow. Be careful not to miss the moment the return of training. If you notice the sly cat's face peeking out from the chair, and then I heard meowing, think, I do not turn your education into a game for the beast, which he enjoys?