Most cats do not like strong smells. A great way to leave on the table in the orange peel, sprinkle perfume, you can put a Cup that holds napkins with printed drops of aromatic oils. Most importantly, the pet, zaprygnuv on the table, didn't feel comfortable there.
Cats love the rustling of the items, but I don't like the rustling gives them when they try to behave as quietly as possible. If to lay on the table foil, the cat will not be able to climb on the table unnoticed, while you are at home. The cat will remain about this unpleasant experience.
A spray bottle – now your permanent ally. Water is one of the most unloved cats phenomena. In the kitchen near the table, always keep the spray gun. Coming home, they found the cat at the crime scene? Immediately sprinkle it with water! The cat will remember than fraught with sudden discovery.
Not everyone knows this, but cats do not like when they cry or when they are accountable. They may not understand the words, but the intonation, and especially the scream, understand very well – people are very unhappy with them. So, seeing a cat on the table, immediately yell at him. This shock cat will remember for a lifetime. If repeated several times – the effect is guaranteed. Removing the cat from the table, look him in the eye and severely chastised. You will immediately see that the cat is ashamed. Don't hurt the animal, namely chastised. In General, animals are much better understand the intonation of human speech than slaps on the ears.
Cats are very clever creatures, and if somewhere or something falls, they avoid this place. Put it on the edge of the table, notebook or thin books, so that the cat, leaping, dropped them. Maybe the cat even fail together with your papers, which will then fall on him. The main thing is to use light objects that the animal was not hurt.