There are several causes of cat aggression. If the kitten is not feeling well, or something hurts, he will show aggression towards people approaching him. Examination by a veterinarian will help to determine whether the reason for the aggression of the disease.
Also cats often show aggression when scared. In the case of fear, the cat immediately begins to defend himself – therefore, define what scared the cat, and remove the cause of fear.
Maybe the cat is aggressive, as it sees the neighbors or yard from other cats, whom he considers his rivals and competitors. In this case, she, not being able to attack the enemy, attacking their owners.
Eliminate the causes of this behavior, close the window curtains don't let the cat sit on the balcony from which she can see the other animals. You can also give your cat a special sedative.
Most often cats bite and scratch masters, when too addicted to the game. Kitty does not know how to behave, and therefore, playing with you, unwittingly, could hurt you. Here you can remedy the problem only through the orderly upbringing of a kitten. Let him know that scratching and biting can be specially designed for this toys and scratching posts, and your hands biting is unacceptable.
Play with your kitten offering him a variety of toys – so he'll get that object for the game is not your body, and third-party subject. Playing with the kitten, let him hunt at the toy to look for it and bring you, and after the game always reward the kitten with a treat.
If the kitten still bites you, do not pull and push the bitten hand to the side of the mouth of a cat. Moving towards her, not away from it, you will cause the cat puzzled, and she'll let you go. When you bite, make loud sounds that can make it clear to the kitten that he is doing wrong.