You will need
  • So, if you have seriously decided to teach the cat to talk, need a lot of patience, understanding and love for your pet and be sure his favorite kitty treats on hand for immediate reward in case of positive results.
It is best to start teaching the cat, and the cat. It is known that cats, like other males among the animals, easier to train, respond better to change and adapt.
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Start learning from childhood that the cat lasts from several weeks to a year. Practice shows that to train an animal older than one year is useless.
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Training must take place in strict isolation of your pet from other cats, both at home and on the street. Your pet needs to be totally focused on you and not to be distracted on the tribesmen in the study of human speech. So, if you want to achieve serious results, it is preferable to have one cat.
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It is best to focus the training on the pronunciation of one word. The cat will be much easier to understand it and learn if it will be connected with food, for example, "meat". Remember, the word you need to say as often as possible and always to the point.
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Training must be constant and persistent. If you want to achieve the result, repeat do not be lazy to study the word kitten before meals. Watch out for his reaction. If everything goes as it should, he immediately perked up at the word "meat," and realize that now they'll feed him. While eating too unobtrusive repeat this word to the Association was fixed. Study the word kitten needs to hear constantly at least an hour a day throughout the year.
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No need to "push" the animal to try to bend to their will. Cats are very independent and freedom-loving, manifestation of stiffness can only hurt. Treat the kitten as a "partner" in learning, do not hurt him. And don't forget be sure to reward with something tasty! Remember, it needs to be "interested" in the outcome of learning, just like you. If your pet does not learn and does not contact the training should stop. Take a look at it, perhaps it will manifest itself in something else.