You will need
  • - scratching post;
  • - "Catnip";
  • - spray bottle with water.
Select and buy a special scratching posts. They come in several forms: stand-up scratching-posts; hang on the wall scratching posts; scratching posts-mats. Often the scratching post is part of the "cat complex", which includes a house and several custom platforms. It is recommended to purchase at least 2-3 scratching posts.
Place the scratching on the walls, in those places the apartment that was chosen by your cat. Remember that it is easier to equip for cats already love her, than trying to teach her to sharpen its claws in the place that appeals to you personally. Don't forget to place a scratching post near where the cat sleeps - very often animals are starting to sharpen their claws right after a dream. Firmly secure the scratching post. If she falls and frightened animal, the cat, most likely, will never use this terrible thing." Besides, cats are physiologically able to sharpen claws on shaky items.
Show the cat that it required. Take the pet on hand and take to the new acquisition. It is not necessary to drag her by the scruff of the neck or raise her voice - it can lead to permanent negative associations with the subject. Put the front paws of a cat on the scratching surface. Press the paws to release the claw. This should be done very carefully so as not to cause the animal pain. Hook cat claws scratching the surface. Such training is recommended on a regular basis.
Help the cat to get used to scratching posts. To do this you can spray the scratching post "Catnip", which is sold at any pet store.
Use the method of "carrot and stick". Do not skimp on the affection and praise, if you notice that a cat is sharpening its claws in the "right" place. If you caught the cat at the scene - show her your negative attitude loudly say "No!". Also as punishment you can use a spray bottle with water. Cats really don't like when water hits them in the face.
Periodically trim the nails of your cat. This procedure should be carried out very carefully so as not to damage living tissue.