Be persistent, patient and consistent in your actions to accustom the kitten to the standards of conduct in the house. Never independently podrujit purring on the table, even if it is very small and can't properly navigate the room.
как научить кота не кусаться
Maintain cleanliness of all tables in the house, be it cooking, writing or dining table. If the cat is not forbidden to rustle papers on the Desk, she will soon qualify and candy wrappers on the tables for cooking and eating. And subsequently, did not disdain to climb for food, almost in the presence of the owners.
Как отучить кошку лазить по столам
Provide the kitten in the living room playing where he is happy to jump and run without compromising household food stocks.
как отучить котенка от занавесок
Ensure that the animal always had food and water in special bowls, otherwise the hunger Willy-nilly can chase him on the kitchen table when you prepare dinner.
как отучить собаку грызть провода
Due to the fact that cats can not stand strong smells, wipe the tables means lemon. Useful will peel or orange of three cloves of garlic left in the bowl in the middle of the table.
отучить котенка грызть провода
Try a few times to scare the kitten when he wants to jump on the table. You don't have to yell at the kid. Enough in the moment when you "spotted" kitten for an unwanted occupation, with all her might to blow the whistle in the nursery or just call metal utensils. Possible at the time of your absence to use several cans of canned food. Place them around the perimeter of the table and connect them by the cord so that the kitten sprygnuli on the table, he would certainly have touched the rope and made a hasty retreat would be because of the rattling of cans.
In that case, if the kitten did not heed your science, try to promptly splash him with water from a spray bottle or a child's water pistol. Importantly, the animal did not notice that it was you who arranged for him a cold shower, or later, he will associate it exclusively with you, not with a ban to jump on the table.
Try to make the table attractive to the kitten. For this amiss and aluminum foil, and plastic film, or even a few strips of duct tape laid on the table sticky side up.