You will need
  • folder for documents with multiforme;
  • computer;
  • scanner.
The portfolio is not only information about the progress of the student, it is also a presentation of the achievements of the school. Therefore, the portfolio of each student of the school lead to uniformity.
In the design must use the same color and tone, a specific font, sometimes including the emblem or logo of the school. Should be the same sequence design pages portfolio.
For example, initially have to attend personal page of the student — a personal photo, shared the class. Further invested autobiography, which is supposed to represent a kind of summary. That is, there must be not only the data he was born, studied, but skills that the child has mastered at a certain stage of life. Seem and achievements — participation in competitions, Olympiads.
Further, some schools include the data of psychological diagnostics. It can be the results of any tests. But these options should be present only with the consent of the parents of the student.
The official part of the portfolio should include the recommendations of the class teacher of the student, the academic performance of the child.
At least in the presentation included the decision of the student regarding your own self — goals, vision for the future. It would be useful if at this stage, the students determined on their own.
Thus, a portfolio is a report about the learning process. Fixed accumulation of information about the individual achievements of the student, including all periods of its educational activities.
To graduate a complete and well-designed portfolio is an effective way of self — formation in the labour market, a good prospect business and creative interaction with the future employer.
This approach to the evaluation of the quality of education is more than competent. Particularly valuable are the results characterize not only the development of the student but also the teaching staff of schools.