Each school, especially if it has the status of a gymnasium or Lyceum, is trying to distinguish its graduates, among other, thereby to present and itself. For this portfolio view lead to uniformity: on the title page places a logo or school logo, when you make use of a single color and tone, a specific font, etc.
Then issued a personal page of a student including personal data.
The third required under the standard sheet is the autobiography.

The student is given the opportunity to demonstrate the skill of self-structuring of events, their selection and description, determining the degree of significance.

For the reviewer in this section attention will be paid to analytical skills of the child, as well as the ability to competently and consistently to Express thoughts, to build causal relationships, evaluate events and themselves in them.
Autobiography in this approach corresponds to several summary. Is not only the plot as: "born-studied, but those important skills that the child has mastered at a particular stage (for example, if the student engaged in parallel at the school of music must reflect that he has a musical ear, knows the rudiments of music, knows how to play the instrument. Among the achievements necessary to specify participation in parades, competitions, etc.)
Hereinafter, the results of psychological diagnostics. You should pay attention of the students and teachers that today, these data are not binding and are included in the portfolio only with the consent of both parties.
A core set of portfolios that results of participation in competitions (national, regional, municipal, school), competitions and events; sporting achievements of the student; participation in school clubs, as well as attending additional courses. A description of skills mastered by the student additionally.
Recommendations of the class teacher and the school psychologist ends the "official" part of the portfolio.
The presence of the last two leaves allows the student to Express their opinion concerning self-determination, to share his views and goals for the future, and include common materials reviews and recommendations.