You will need
  • - PTS;
  • - passport of the owner;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale.
Ask the seller to show you the vehicle registration document (TCP). Carefully read all the marks in this document. You should ask questions if the title says "Duplicate". Duplicates are usually issued when the loss of the TCP or the owner of the credit car restores passport of the vehicle, because the original is in the Bank. Often the owner of the vehicle specified by any entity, in this case, you will need to check - whether the car is secured, leased, etc. To resolve this issue, visit the organization to check the legality of the transaction of purchase and sale of the car.
Ask the seller to present a passport. Compare the name the seller in the document and in the TCP. If they do not match, then the person selling the car by proxy, that too should alert you. View the date of purchase of the car by the previous owner - the smaller the period, the stronger that you should be alerted.
For complete confidence in buying non-credit car ask the seller the contract of purchase and sale of the vehicle. It is listed as paid for the car in cash or bought on credit.
If you decided to buy a car from this seller, in any case do not underestimate the amount of the contract of purchase and sale. Write the real amount of money you paid for the vehicle. This will protect you in case the car will still be credit, and the Bank will impose you their demands for the return of the Deposit.
There is an organization of JSC "National Bureau of credit histories", tel. (495) 221-78-37, which provides the service "checking the current status of the vehicle." For information requires the VIN number of the car. As a result, you will receive information on the current status of the car, the presence or absence of an issued duplicate title.
The list of the credit bureaus listed on the official website of the Bank of Russia Go to the section "Information materials" in the "List of credit bureaus that have passed state registration" you will find background information. Your credit history can be obtained for free once a year, the remaining applications are paid.
There are resources that contain databases on credit car. For this you need to enter the VIN number of the purchased vehicle. Here's one:
To determine exactly is a car loan or not, with a 100% guarantee is impossible. However to protect yourself you can. When you buy the contract of sale mount: the seller guarantees that the car is not collateral for any loan from a Bank or a pawn shop.