If payment of the loan for the car has become an intolerable burden, return the car to the Bank can really be a good solution, but if the main part of the loan you have already paid to the Bank, then think about the other possible exit from this situation.
First and foremost, never ignore the debt. It is better to return the car purchased on credit than wait for the arrival of bailiffs. If you will return the car to the Bank credit, its price will be close to market value. If this issue will deal with the bailiffs, the car's price will fall significantly. In addition, you risk being left without other valuable property that may be confiscated to cover debts owed to the Bank. And remember that for the non-payment of the credit the legislation provides for criminal liability.
Try to make a separate return of the vehicle to the Bank and you will be able to keep your positive history and in the future to use the services of the credit institution. Otherwise, you'll always acquire the status of "unfair payer".
Of course, the Bank does not need a car purchased on credit, he needs the money. Therefore, contact the Bank for permission to sell the credit machine. As a rule, many banks are to meet the borrowers. Then independently find a buyer, come to the Bank, sign a contract of sale and received the money for the car, pay them to the Bank.
Some banks take credit cars for self-realization, but they sell them at minimum price to cover their own costs. So in this case you risk to stay without a car, and even debt.