Rules of rendering first aid in case of injury buttocks

Contusion of the buttocks is a type of injury characterized by a closed tissue damage without compromising the integrity of the upper layers of the epidermis. To happen, the trouble might after fall, blow or a bad "landing" on the chair. The injured part swells and hurts, it appears a hematoma, or bruise.

If the affected area was discovered abrasions or scratches, it must be disinfected to avoid infection. Next, you should apply cold. Such a simple analgesic event will help to narrow the blood vessels and stop the bleeding. This first aid ends.

A day later hurt the place are starting to warm up with warm lotions and compresses to reduce the swelling and contribute to the resorption of hematoma. To sit after an injury to the buttocks is not recommended.
The requirement not to sit on a bruised buttock is due to the pressure of body weight on the injured vein, resulting in swelling under the skin.
Not worth it and grind it, otherwise it may develop thrombophlebitis – a disease, a dangerous blockage of veins by blood clot.

Bruised buttocks: when to see the doctor?

If the injured area does not stop hurting, you need to consult a traumatologist. You should not delay the visit to the doctor and in the case where the hematoma grows, causing deterioration of health and increase in body temperature. Given that a serious consequence of the injury buttocks may be a ruptured vein, you should pay attention to all the sensations that occur when walking and at rest. So, pain at movement and tingling at the site of injury may indicate rupture of the vein.
If the fall was a bruised tailbone to alleviate the pain will help the special orthopedic pillows-bagels, designed to sit.

Treatment of injury of the buttocks at home

In the treatment of injuries is well-proven wormwood. For carrying out treatments in the home will need the juice of washed chopped herbs. And use it to lubricate the damaged area.

Of oak bark and flowers daisies for the treatment of injury to the buttocks can make an infusion. This oak bark is ground to a powder and dried flowers daisies thoroughly pulverized. Both components take in equal quantity and mix, then 1 tablespoon of the collection pour a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. The finished product is used for applying lotions.

To prevent the development of tumors at the site of injury, it is necessary to prepare a garlic tincture. To do this, 2 grated garlic cloves and 6 % Apple cider vinegar combined in containers made of dark glass to obtain a volume of 0.5 l. the Dishes with the mixture cover with a lid and put in a cool place for a week. The resulting tincture is rubbed into the injured spot 2 times a day, with each procedure for 10 minutes. Such a tool is well and that remains suitable for use within 8 months after preparation.