You will need
  • -ice;
  • -absorbable ointment;
  • -consultation of the traumatologist.
Every person at least once in life but Bob your head. Most often, these mishaps are accompanied by painful sensations, and after some time on the bruised area grows a bump. If the punch inside the skin damaged blood vessels and capillaries, the formation of a hematoma (bruising), which then begins to "bloom" all the colors of the rainbow, gradually dissolving.
Small contusions generally do not pose a threat to health. In order to get rid of them, you must immediately after you hit your head, apply to the sore place ice. In cases where there is no ice, perfect packages of frozen chicken and vegetables from the fridge. If they're not around, you can use an ancient method used by our grandmothers to make to injury cold tablespoon.
If the injury is not on the hairy part of the head, in order to remove the bruises, you must buy in a pharmacy any absorbable ointment (for example "Badyaga") and apply it to the affected area in accordance with the instructions.
If after a blow or fall you feel the headache persists for a long time, you feel sick or dizzy, it is likely that you received a concussion. In this case, it was necessary to go to the doctor to make x-ray and confirm the diagnosis.
If you hit his head the man lost consciousness, then we need to call an ambulance. Until it arrives, it is necessary to put a man on the back, undo the top button of a garment to the person easier to breathe.
Urgent medical attention is necessary and in that case, if the surface of the hematoma increases, as it can be a symptom of internal bleeding. If the bruise after some time there is fresh bleeding, it could be a sign of cracked bones and damage to neighboring tissues. In this case, also require urgent specialist consultation.