Laparoscopy is performed under General anesthesia. When obstruction of the fallopian tubes is done in several stages. The abdominal cavity is injected a little bit of inert gas to lift the abdominal wall. This manipulation is performed using a special needle. The bodies depart from each other, and the field of view for the physician is increased. Then, on the skin of the abdomen produces three small puncture through them into the abdominal cavity to put the instruments and medical apparatus - a laparoscope.
A laparoscope is a hollow tube, one end of which is a video camera, and the other is the eyepiece. In the eyepiece, the doctor can examine the condition of the internal organs. Often the device is attached to the block camera, which provides the image on the monitor screen. Through other incisions are introduced tube, which are manipulators. With their help, the doctor pushes and turns the fallopian tube, excised adhesions, removes hydrosalpinx (accumulation of fluid in the fallopian tube), ovarian cysts, endometriotic lesions, suturing cuts, etc.
When obstruction of the fallopian tubes produce manipulation to restore normal patency of the body: fibrolysis, salpingolysis, salpingostaphyline, salpingo-salpingoneostomy. Fimbriation called the release of adhesions adhesions of cilia (fimbria) pipe. They are located at the ends of the vial, covering the ovary. Salpingolysis is the cutting and removal of the fallopian tube around the fused areas, as well as the elimination of existing distortions and excesses. Salpingostaphyline involves cutting and forming the correct anatomical holes in the tube from the ovary if it is overgrown in the result of adhesion processes. Salpingo-salpingoneostomy is to remove the damaged section of the pipe and stitching together the remaining parts.
With the help of laparoscopy is also performed transplantation tube to the uterus if obstruction in the place where it connects with the uterus. Laparoscopy tubal ligation performed with the 7-th day of the menstrual cycle, but not later than the 10th day before ovulation. Indications for urgent removal of adhesions, pipes is carried out on any day of the cycle. If adhesions around the fallopian tubes,
the restoration of its patency is possible in 60% of cases. In the formation of adhesions inside the tube after laparoscopy to get pregnant by natural means manages only 10% of women.