The actions of the surgeon does not affect the process of formation of adhesions is a biological protective reaction of the body aimed at limiting the inflammatory process associated with surgery. When the inflammation subsides, adhesions resolve themselves after six months. To prevent their formation after abdominal surgery, laporoscopy or trauma to the abdomen in a day or two, given his condition, begin to change the position of my body in bed, turning on one, then on the other side. Lying in bed, take deep breaths and exhale, trying to breathe the stomach.
After a week to ten days after surgery, when your wounds are healed, begin to perform light bending and twisting of the trunk, displacing the internal organs relative to each other. This will prevent them from bonding among themselves and will prevent the development of adhesive disease.
In the postoperative period, limit yourself to eating. Eat easily digestible food in liquid and paste form. Drink fresh natural fruit and vegetable juices. Divide your daily diet for 6-8 meals and eat small portions.
To prevent and to treat already formed adhesions, try traditional methods. Helps compress on the operated spot welded to the gauze three tablespoons of flax seed. Boil 3 minutes and cool in the same water. Wrapped in gauze, the seed spread on the affected area and leave overnight, wrapped a belly scarf.
After a couple of months you can begin a deep massage of internal organs, which will be assigned in the clinic. Below the spikes are resolved faster, the doctor may use a complex method of treatment using enzyme therapy – injections of hyaluronidase, urokinase, streptase. Do self-massage self - massage into the abdomen ointments, gels, balms or creams, which include anti-inflammatory and analgesic substances and plant enzymes.