The obstruction of the fallopian tubes treated for a long time and is only diagnosed based on test results for hormones, which is held on the first and second phase of the menstrual cycle. In addition, studies pelvic ultrasound method. Then, doctors make a conclusion about the patency of the tubes, the presence of adhesions and the possibility of treatment without surgery.
Surgery or laparoscopy is performed by puncture of the fallopian tubess women. Under the screen of the monitor, the doctor releases the pipes from the adhesions and holds the plastic fallopian tubes. Discharged after such operations very fast, regenerative therapy based on hormonal therapy for the resumption of the menstrual cycle and the implementation of the recommendations of the attending physician.
Known and microsurgery, which are effective in 60% of cases of tubestion of infertility. Here it is important to spend resolving therapy after the intervention, which is aimed at preventing adhesions. In the complex are assigned to electrophoresis, magnetic effect on the pipes, preparations containing enzymes, ultrasound, hydrotubation without hydrocortisone. It is generally recommended that the use of contraception for more than 3 months to establish a healthy hormonal.
In the treatment of complete obstruction of the fallopian tubes, when they are covered with scar tissue, surgical methods do not yield positive results. So often is the procedure of in vitro fertilization (IVF). This is a complex operation performed using the full replanting of the embryo into the uterine cavity under local anesthesia. Then there is the healing of the embryo in the uterine cavity and occurs uterine pregnancy. The possible infusion of two or more embryos. This is done in case the woman's body will reject one of them in the early stages. Today it is the most effective method of treating this type of infertility.
Also welcome and conservative management of obstruction of the fallopian tubes, such as balneotherapy, taking baths with hydrogen sulfide, treatment with ultrasound with the use of momentum as well as physiotherapy with the use of broth upland uterus. In the presence of chronic inflammation such treatment is not very effective and gives positive results only in combination with surgery.
Doctors prescribed sedative therapy is aimed at strengthening health emotionally, here are meant tranquilizers, antidepressants and other media. The correction of hormonal disorders in the first phase of the menstrual cycle. Thus are appointed by the antispasmodic drugs (papaverine, indomethacin and others), as well as anti-inflammatory therapy with antibiotics. Only in the absence of effect from this treatment for 2 years appointed surgery.
Now obstruction of the fallopian tubes can be successfully treated, and it should be remembered that any inflammatory process should be treated from the initial stages of the disease. Only in this case the treatment will yield the greatest positive result.